Office 365 visitor registration - A Simple Guide

Updated: Jun 15

Some simple steps to investigate transforming your visitor management and how office 365 visitor registration works after the turkey has been digested.

Office 365 and Outlook is commonly used for arranging the meeting for visitors, and Microsoft teams is commonly used for workplace communication. But do you know these can be integrated with your visitor management system/ visitor management app/ and more?

These Visitor Management steps will achieve 5 things:

  • Increase employee and visitor safety

  • Transform the experience

  • Increase efficiency of the visitor registration with digital processes

  • Increase productivity of visitors and employees alike by reducing the number of meetings that start late

  • Remove manual process costs enabling you either upgrade the service or make savings

Can we remove the manual processes associated with visitor management?

Office 365 has all your visitor email addresses you just have to get them out.

How do we register office 365 visitors and populate our visitor process?

Those with market-leading workplace resource management tools like Condeco can simply set up the simple rules to classify a visitor and switch on the integration to the visitor management system.

The integration is already available just contact your room or desk booking vendor to switch on the feed to the visitor management system.

For the full Integration explanation of Microsoft visitor management in office 365

office 365 visitor journey

How does this transform the experience or reduce cost?

Firstly if you get the right system it will automatically send the visitor a stunning invite that achieves 5 different things in one simple branded tool.

Now on arrival, no need for a receptionist, the visitors are pre-registered, they can scan themselves into your visitor kiosk (available from 1p a visitor), their pass prints and the host is notified automatically- all in 3 secs

So if you want to cut costs and reduce staff you can or if you want to promote one to meet and greet you can.

The key is your visitors will already have noticed the difference in service, help and efficiency.

Your call on whether you want to reduce cost, up the service or a bit of both.

Can we go further to enhance service?

Yes, your experience can be more than office 365 visitor registration, here are examples

  • With the workplace booking integration, you can present the visitor with their meeting room name and how to get there with an interactive map

  • Further integrated with your visitor access control system

  • With the desk booking integration, you can offer an ad hoc desk booking service

  • With the Moneypenny integration, you can add exec PA’s to answer queries, digital receptionists can deal with unexpected visitors with a simple voice command “help”


  1. You have transformed your visitor experience by starting it at the invite NOT at reception.

  2. You have enhanced your visitor management just with office 365 visitor registration, nothing much changed.

  3. You have reset that 1st impression with a branded invite and everything your visitor needs to find the building.

  4. You have moved the check-in process to a safe touchless process with voice commands and 3-second check-in.

  5. You have brought all your HR and legal stakeholders with you, with pre-registration processes and a full digital audit trail, that surpasses every health and safety requirement they can dream of.

  6. You have cut costs and transformed the visitor 1st impression removing any chance of queues.

  7. Your office 365 visitor management has cut the chance of late meeting starts due, to congested receptions to zero

  8. You have been handed the option of month 1 savings or service improvement

  9. You have initiated a journey to making the workplace an intuitive place that works "for the visitor and employee"

  10. You have re-established a safe and efficient workplace, removing manual, labour-intensive processes.

  11. You have given yourself staffing options, upgrading to concierge, re-assigning to other functions or realising savings.

  12. You'll have a reputation for introducing successful change, giving you the mandate to push to the next level of visitor management or employee service upgrades.

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