Updated: Feb 5

Plans for charging for out-of-hours services mean surgeries need to be more flexible than ever about how they work with patients.

Research is being conducted into how to create new funding models for GPs and other medical practitioners, so they don't solely rely on Government funding for their revenue. Local Medical Councils (LMCs) are working with GPs to look at how out-of-hours services can allow them to provide healthcare in a similar way to a private model.

This drive coincides with patient's demands for doctor and surgery hours to more closely match their busy lifestyles.

Vpod is already at the forefront of this thinking, allowing medical practitioners to schedule appointments with patients at a time that suits them, meaning they are not bound to be physically at their surgeries for out-of-hours appointments, but still be able to provide face-to-face consultation to their patients.

With the NHS struggling to find ways of providing revenue, this kind of flexibility is going to be key to maintaining health care at affordable costs to both doctor and patients.

By allowing patients to call from any smart device to their doctor, allowing multiple experts to join the call to ensure the best advice is given, all while showing the Doctor all the relevant history, a Vpod system is an incredibly powerful tool for patient care to make patient care low-cost but high-value.

It can also streamline tasks such as completing prescription and can even take diagnostic data remotely, all reducing the need for busy surgeries, queues, missed appointments and the frustration — and lost revenue — that can cause.

Most importantly, it maintains the personal doctor-patient contact that is so important and still is a cornerstone for patient confidence.

Vpod, the Doctor will see you now…

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