Updated: Feb 5

“Phygital“– Really?

While travelling extensively in the US and Europe discussing digital transformation, I kept coming across an awkward expression – “phygital”. I know, not the most elegant of expressions, but you get the gist – how do we combine physical and digital assets in a seamless way that engage our customers.

The search was on for pragmatic, affordable customer engagement approaches that combine the best of digital (intuitive design combined with timely, relevant content) with the best of physical (a human centred, empathetic approach with an ability to ‘touch the bricks’, see the product or meet a trusted advisor in person).

So often we remain dependent on local staff (one of our most expensive resources) to ‘integrate’ existing systems in real time to make the customer feel welcome and engaged. For example, I have watched employees in stores and branches accessing numerous systems to do the most basic of tasks like booking appointments or checking a customer in for an appointment.

With footfall reducing in retail physical spaces and the costs increasing, how do we engage customers and solve some of these problems? We cannot afford to increase staff numbers just to cover peak periods and yet our customers like and expect a human touch.

Vpod Solutions have zoned in on this specific conundrum with a pragmatic and affordable solution called Vgreet – augmenting and/or replacing existing receptionist, concierge and host roles with interactive Vgreet devices that look and behave like giant smartphones. They perform valuable functions in a human centric way that are quicker, more intuitive and more informative than the customer trying to carry out these functions on their mobile devices. And they can begin to incorporate AI, face recognition and link to more advanced digital systems when you and your customers are ready.

For example, want to check in for an appointment? Find your meeting room? See if someone is available to help you with a query? Find out information on a product or service? Talk to a member of staff via HD video connection as no one is available locally? Vgreet has it covered.

All in a human-centric and intuitive way that delights customers, supports local teams and controls costs.

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