Updated: May 8

Any business will tell similar stories of long queues at reception, lost visitors and missed meetings. With an integrated Vgreet system, businesses like Vodafone and Workspace are revolutionising the way they greet visitors to their busy buildings.

Attack of the time-thieves

Ensuring visitors to your building find it a positive and seamless experience can be tough, especially at busy times of the day. Many tasks are routine and yet are “time-thieves” to your front of house team — registering a visitor’s arrival, directing them to where they need to go, calling the person they’re visiting, printing visitor passes — it’s a seemingly endless list of things that need doing — and as soon as you’re doing one of them, you can’t do anything else.

Not so much a problem at quiet times perhaps, but when footfall increases, you can’t just increase the number of staff on hand.

A helping hand, always on hand

This is where Vgreet digital visitor management system can help. Entire visitor journeys — checking-in, getting a visitor pass, finding where to go — can be handled through its simple interactive interface. If your visitor can use a smartphone, they can use a Vgreet.

By streamlining these routine processes means that your visitor’s experience can be a lot more frustration-free — and at those busy times, your team always has an extra pair of hands to help. Plus if your visitors are still stuck, they can always make a face-to-face call to a central resource pool to help them out.

Best of all it frees up your staff to do ‘human-being’ things like be the friendly face of your company and provide personal assistance where it’s needed.

Join the visitor management revolution

Companies are finding that a Vgreet has revolutionised the way they can help their visitors get the assistance they need, maximised their staff resources, helped smooth out the peaks and troughs of a busy day and made the whole process of a visit a positive, rather than frustrating, experience.

Check out how we’re already helping big businesses join the visitor revolution at Vpod at work or drop a line to us at info@vpodsolutions.com and start putting your company at the front of the queue.

Vodafone Paddington: By streamlining routine tasks like checking-in, a Vgreet system means front of house staff are free to help visitors.