Remote Control

Updated: Feb 5

Everyday our news channels are filled with news on the Covid-19, or Corona Virus and its trail across the globe as more and more countries try to contain it and so prevent a potential pandemic.

It’s an emergency that has many different opinions about the best methods of containment and control — but there is one central theme to every solution offered, if you restrict the movement of people, you restrict the virus’ ability to spread its contagion.

Sensible and common sense advice, even if the logistics of operations like those seen in China originally, and Italy more recently, are immense. But regardless of the actual strategy chosen in a particular country, it will have a significant impact on businesses, both locally, and globally.

From whether people continue to take their daily commute, travel for business, host meetings or travel to events – the simple everyday concept of dealing with people face-to-face is facing up to a harsher reality. If no-one knew the term ‘self-isolate’ a few months back, it’s now common parlance in every language and we’re starting to feel the effects in everyday life.

“The simple everyday concept of dealing with people face-to-face is facing up to a harsher reality”

Certainly staff and customer safety is any company’s main concern, so remote working methods can help reduce the amount of physical contact needed to still do business.

Vpod’s video routing cloud-based technology, Dialog, means that there can be minimal interruption in a business’ everyday, well, business. Far more powerful than standard video platforms, it’s as close to recreating an ‘in-room’ meeting experience for customers — and powerful features like on-screen annotation, data sharing and remote authentication mean that when contacting customers remotely, it doesn’t mean sales opportunities need be missed.

Remote working, video calling and online customer contact have all been a factor in modern business-thinking for some time — which is why many businesses are already looking to the powerful features of Dialog to connect colleagues, clients and customers into one seamless communication platform, but the current crisis shows how even more valuable they can be.

Find out more about Dialog and make sure your business can keep in touch with the people that matter.