The Big Picture

It looks like banking is getting serious about branch transformation, and the result? A surge in interest in the power of video and how that can create new and rewarding customer journeys.

It’s been hyped before, but people are finally seeing video’s powerful benefits — from improving conversion and productivity for the bank — to providing a far more relevant and rewarding experience when customers interact with their financial services providers.

Vpod has been leading the way in changing the perception of the high-street branch, from dull marble columns and teller-queues to welcoming destinations where people’s personal finance decisions happen in a friendly and informed 360 service.

From Vgreet connecting visitors to the right person, to Dialog creating a full virtual meeting experience, we’re helping banks redefine what their branches can do for their customers.

Check out this recent article from industry trailblazer Forbes “The 5 Hottest Technologies In Banking For 2020” and see why the personal is coming back to banking.

Video for banking, welcome to the bigger picture