The Contactless Check-In Made Easy

Updated: May 8

Is your business ready to return?

Across the globe, the COVID-19 lockdown is being relaxed, as governments look to ease back into economic activity — and people seek to rediscover human interaction, albeit under social distancing guidelines. As offices, shops, clinics and other public spaces seek to define their ‘new normal’, many are finding their existing processes will need to be updated for the new reality.

A visitor management system for the ‘new normal’

Vgreet digital visitor management system has always excelled at assisting reception teams, facilities management staff, retailers and surgeries manage footfall by streamlining routine processes such as checking in — but its powerful automation features can be a significant factor in helping work places and beyond manage the post-pandemic return.

Visitor Management: The contactless check-in

As businesses look over their current arrival and admission processes, many are seeing a potential minefield of issues that need to be addressed in a time of social-distancing. Queues, close-proximity human interactions, common surface touchpoints, footfall build-up at busy times — all are potential headaches for any company who want to ensure both the safety of staff and visitors, but also to minimise the risk of having to shut down a building that has only just reopened.

Vpod and Vgreet are helping companies create a ‘contactless’ check-in — minimising touch points, screening arrivals and all the while keeping footfall moving — and in complicated times, it’s a very simple solution that keeps the whole experience free of long lines, plexiglass screens and PPE.

Going contactless is as easy as…

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If you review your reception and arrival processes, you may realise you need to radically rethink how to be ready for when your staff and visitors return.

Vgreet: It’s that easy