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Updated: Feb 5

Streamlined and safe customer experiences in a post-pandemic world

The coronavirus crisis was a generational shock to everyday life, but as banks look to return to ‘normal’, how can they look to stay safe and protect their staff and customers?

Key questions for every bank

People will be looking to banks more than ever to help with their finances after the shock of COVID-19. This behaviour won’t completely take place online and financial businesses will have to rethink how they think about the personal when dealing with their customers. Face-to-face is still a key driver when people make the significant decisions in their financial life.

There are many obstacles to this, once unfamiliar concepts in everyday interactions, such as visitor screening and social distancing are likely to be here to stay at least for the foreseeable future.

Many banks are asking themselves the same questions:

— How do banks maintain social distancing in-branch after lockdown is lifted?

— How can footfall be effectively screened, monitored and counted?

— How do branches provide a personalised service and offer expertise, whilst still ensuring staff safety?

Ultimately, the key question is

“How do you make make financial decisions easier and more engaging when faced with the ‘new normal’ of post-coronavirus?”

Contactless customer experiences for post-pandemic-finance

Voice commands allow for a truly contactless start to any customer journey. The Vgreet recognises a visitor approaching the unit and asks how it can help. It’s that simple to kick off any customer journey.

Vgreet has teamed up with industry leading thermal imaging camera provider FLIR to bring accurate and relevant temperature measurement to its units. By measuring core temperature, rather than simply relegated vernal skin and body heat, it’s easy to recognise potential issues much quicker, more accurately and so act accordingly.

As the Vgreet VMS generates a unique QR code to send to every customer before they arrive every customer journey can be instant and seamless from the start. On scanning the code it can check them in, alert their host, print a visitor pass if required and show where they need to go and how they get there — all without a single touch of the screen.

Companies can easily support front of house teams in managing their reception areas by tracking footfall, giving clear minute-by-minute data on capacity, visitor density and queue build-up.

With Vgreet’s powerful video technology means your customers can speak to staff wherever you have them located, so social distancing doesn’t have to mean your services are impersonal or robotic.

It will take some time before people travel to the high street as they once did, so the Dialog platform allows them to speak to your advisors from their own home just as easily. Any device, any time they need any help, they can get in touch.

Facial recognition allows the Vgreet to recognise returning customers automatically adding further automation and streamlining — adding up to a truly contactless customer experience.

“Once unfamiliar concepts in everyday interactions, such as visitor screening and social distancing are likely to be here to stay”


“Branches are permitted to stay open, yet staff availability means many are closing, sometimes at short notice.”

BBC News Online

“J.D. Power’s banking study last year showed that about two-thirds (67%) of consumers still rely on the teller line, with 54% deemed branch ‘dependent.’ Those numbers will decline.”

The Financial Brand website

“Measures such as floor markings, customer limits and also temperature screening, of the type that customers in China’s shops and travellers at some international airports have become used to, could also appear.”

Coronavirus: what would a year of physical distancing mean for the UK?

The Guardian

Future proofing finance

After lockdown, there will be a very different landscape with more people than ever looking to financial companies to help them adapt to the ‘new normal’. Vpod are giving financial businesses the omni-channel tools to make their post-pandemic path much more certain,” says Vpod MD, Sam Farrant.

“In these challenging times, we are seeing a huge spike in demand from financial businesses wanting to bring the power of automation to their branches, not only to enhance the customer experience, but also provide protective health measures to both customers and staff”.

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