Updated: May 8

The big five for visitor management

1. Transform visitor management experiences

We have all visited a large office building, only to be greeted by long queues as visitors, staff and contractors all vie for the receptionist’s attention, especially during peak times. Most office reception areas remain relatively old fashioned, often the last area of the building to experience the digital revolution! Our VGreet product, essentially a virtual receptionist, was designed to transform this outmoded experience, dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

2. Start the visitor check-in process well in advance

Vpod can help you streamline the visitor experience from the moment of contact. Once a meeting is agreed, the host sends out a welcome email to visitors that includes directions to the office, details of the meeting and most usefully of all, a QR code that allows automatic check-in on arrival via the VGreet device.

3. Automating the routine means smaller queues

On arrival, the visitor doesn’t have to join any queues, they simply show their QR code to the VGreet, basically a giant smartphone that’s designed to grab attention. The system then notifies their host that they’ve arrived and while they’re waiting, they can browse the VGreet’s stunning touchscreen HD interface to find out more about the company, the building and the local area.

4. Help take the pressure off receptionists at peak time

One of the key benefits to Vpod customers such as Vodafone, is making their staff’s lives easier at busy times. Swamped by contractors, staff or first time visitors? VGreet adapts the visitor process accordingly and can use using smart ideas like facial recognition, movement triggers and full video screens to attract attention — whilst also automating the everyday bits; printing visitor passes, managing building access, it all adds up to a seamless and frustration-free process for your visitors.

5. Keep people in the process with video

Agonising over whether to use more digital or stick with a human approach in reception areas? You don’t have to choose! VGreet incorporates high-quality HD video components, which means visitors can access actual human beings face-to-face for help and advice via the device. Companies can finally decide how they mix self-service and human interaction to provide the best, most efficient and speedy experience to their visitors, Vpod just designs the process to suit.

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