Visitor management companies: VPOD voted Proptech TOP 10

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Vpod, as one of the visitor management companies, voted a top 10 Proptech company by CBRE.

In this blog, we will cover the following topics:

Why is visitor management important?

Managing visitors is crucial for companies as it improves the customer journey and workplace efficiency. The key benefits of using a visitor management system are:

  • Reduces check-in times

  • Automates the entire visitor management process to assist visitors.

  • Creates a great first impression

  • Allows for a frustration-free visitor journey

  • Enhances workplace efficiency

  • Saves the cost of receptionists

Global commercial real estate and investment services firm CBRE, with its Proptech initiative, is leading the conversation about the safe return to the workplace — and Vpod were thrilled to be named in their recent ‘Top Ten’, as one of the visitor management companies that is helping businesses meet the challenges of returning from lockdown in their recent industry report.

Read the full document, Easing the Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate here and find out how Vpod and other companies are helping to create a safe and speedy return to the workplace.

CBRE Vote VPod in Top 10 Proptech solutions

“Vpod combines people and technology to provide a safer visitor experience with its Vgreet product.”




Vgreet Visitor Management System in Vodafone Paddington and Newbury

What is Vgreet Visitor Management?

As things start to return to normal, visitors entering the reception area of any building can still expect to be met with heightened health and safety measures. A lot of these reception areas may even become digitalised as a way of avoiding potential gatherings of people. Vpod create a company visitor management system, Vgreet, to automate the way in which visitors are welcomed upon entering a building.

In a bid to increase the safety of occupiers and frontline workers, this technology (Vgreet) stands out from other visitor management companies by its integrated system, automatically scans the body temperature of visitors to detect any potential cases of the virus, while providing a contactless check-in service.

Occupiers can use this interactive tool for a variety of tasks, such as clocking in, scanning QR codes, looking up directions to a meeting and much more.

All of this technology and data can help give property owners/managers much greater control over their workspaces and prevent the potential transmission of the virus.

This case study video shows how Vpod solved Vodafone’s congestion and control challenge:

  • Visitors are pre-registered

  • QR codes enable express check-in

  • Instant meeting host notifications can be sent by SMS and email

  • Time is saved as well as decongesting their reception, very relevant now with Covid-19

  • The process is contactless, providing employees and visitors with peace of mind

  • A powerful Return on Investment was seen by Vodafone

Watch the short video below to find out more.

Vgreet's partnership with Visitor Management Companies

The Vpod Vgreet solution has become a far bigger player extending its visitor management function into “integrations” with two market-leading visitor management software:


Visitor management companies - Condeco has grown from its early days as a niche On Premise Banking client-focused Meeting Scheduling solution into a dominate player in the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite.

Condeco’s major USP is Condeco Sync ; no matter where you make your meeting room booking:

  • Condeco software

  • Or Microsoft Office 365 and the Outlook add-in

Condeco Microsoft Sync now keeps the room directory up to date so that real-time availability is accurate to the minute.

It also extends its visitor data via its API to industry-leading tools like Proxyclick and Vpod.

The benefits to the Facilities Manager are immense; all the meeting host and guest details for each meeting can now flow from Microsoft and Condeco populating the visitor management systems of Proxyclick and Vpod.

This removes the need for:

  • Staff reading visitor lists.

  • Manually keying the visitor’s detail in

  • Staff in reception areas; enabling social distancing

Every visitor gets a unique invite that transforms two things:

  • It creates a wow first impression, wayfinding instruction to the building, a QR code for Express Check-in and upon scanning the immediate notification to the expectant host by SMS and Email.

  • Time spent in reception reduces, with minimal staff contact, touchless visitor management, with motion sensors picking up the need to check-in, auto launching the check-in screen for a voice activate check-in.


Visitor management companies - Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management solution and enables Facilities Managers to manage visitors and ensure the security of the building.

Proxyclick adds value to the Vpod Visitor Management System, writing to the Access Control Systems and 17 global players. It means that VPod’s integration can complement this key set of USP’s in that the same QR code can be used not just to check-in, but to deliver a Touchless Security System upgrade.

Proxyclick transforms visitor management for the employee, visitor and Facilities Manager.

Traditional visitor experience involves a visitor:

  • Checking in with a concierge service

  • Taking a journey through security barriers

  • Greeting a security guard to let me through once attended by my host

  • Being allocated a separate pass for the barrier system

With Vpod and Proxyclick, a QR code can allow access through the barriers and even through elevators to certain floors. A visitor can be delivered express VIP access to the meeting room floor.

In addition, contractors can access their respective floors with full security and a seamless upgraded, touchless process. This simple concept reinvents visitor experience, saves costs and improves security for the building.

This is only possible if you think about the customer journey end to end and not just one piece of it, which is why visitor management companies like Condeco, Proxyclick and Vpod make such a powerful combination.

Read more about how Condeco and Proxyclick integration with Vgreet.

With Vgreet, Proxtclick, and Condeco's integration, a cohesive visitor management experience for visitors is delivered:

  • Pre-registered guests allow the Facilities Manager 100% track and trace capability built into their visitor management system, knowing who arrived to meet who, precisely

  • The Guest or visitor has a visitor experience that’s touchless, safe and delivers fast transit times removing the queue

  • The Facilities Manager gains a visitor management system that is Covid-19 efficient, minimising staff interaction or removing it completely.

  • The Facilities Manager benefits from being able to re-assign or upgrade staff to true concierge roles, rather than checking “off grid” manual systems, issuing badges and similar tasks.

  • Digital transformation of the visitor management system in several precise moves without the need to buy tape, signs and hazard screens, only to throw them away in 6 months' time.

Leading Facilities Managers have deployed companies like Vpod, Proxyclick and Condeco and transformed the workplace, its experience and its efficiency.

Is this your visitor management 1st impression?

A poor reception removed

Upgrade your visitor management system to digital!

Click Here to see Vpod demonstrated

About Vpod Visitor Management Company

Vpod has invested heavily in two key partners that were then field-tested by:

  • 137 partners and end-users across the world at the Integrated Systems Europe exhibition in Amsterdam.

  • Of those 137, 78 were end-users, mostly from huge enterprises looking to understand the benefits of those investments in visitor management system partners.

  • The result was impressive and saw the stand with Condeco hosting VPod and Proxyclick.

  • Host Simon Cohen from Condeco’s Global Partner Team introduces “The Connected Workplace” in this short video.

Condeco and Vpod Integrated to transform the visitor management experience and its efficiency.

The next video shows the Vpod Integration to Condeco and Proxyclick demonstrated by Sam Farrant, Vpod Managing Director. This pre-Covid demonstration is just prior to motion sensor alert activation and touchless check-in, you’ll see the rapid and efficient transit times and sitting in the rear, the data collection of who checked-in when and visited who, for track and trace concerns.

Vpod, Condeco, and Proxyclick delivering a huge visitor experience upgrade and a transformed efficient process.

CBRE’s Proptech Top 10

These highly efficient journeys from three integrated partners were not conceived overnight and involved some joined-up thinking and this is what the customers and partners that visited the stand at ISE were able to witness.

The Covid-19 workplace

Today, the three partners, as visitor management companies, have upgraded their solutions for the Covid-19 world to change efficient upgraded experiences into touchless end to end processes with trace and trace across them all.

Even more relevant is they have re-engineered their respective and joined up offerings to make the workplace relevant to wary Covid-19 flexible working veterans and this is how:

  • The Condeco team have delivered end to end workplace management for desks that deliver phased returns, sanitisation, safe distancing, track and trace as well as cleaning vendor management.

  • Vpod have incorporated desk booking in their next release, enabling those that haven’t booked the ability to book last minute, available, safe, clean, sanitised workplaces.

  • Proxyclick have lifted their offering to touchless processes end to end.

  • Vpod have incorporated customised questionnaires that can be tailored to, rapidly changing, local government guidelines.

Visitor Management upgrades are now tangible

Three initiatives now combine to offer the visitor management upgrade to contactless for the “new normal” and beyond to create a fantastic and safe first impression for visitors.

Motion sensors and Voice Activation

Vgreet Voice Recognition

driving the touchless check-in process

The Voice Recognition facility removes the touchscreen concerns that concern legal and HR teams on the Covid Committee.

Express QR Code Check-in

QR code

The express check-in elevating the entire Visitor Management process.

The Facilities Manager now has a rapid transit time through reception for their visitors, however, the benefits are huge for the entire organisation:

  • Decongested Visitor Receptions mean that workplace safety kept is paramount.

  • The Employee sees the tangible difference as there are no queues that would drive safety concerns.

  • The visitor knows the experience has been upgraded to one that’s safe.

  • The meeting host is instantly notified by SMS and Email.

Visitor Management For Workplace Safety

Whilst the Facilities Team has delivered peace of mind the whole organisation has delivered:

  • A far safer reception area and calming first impression for employees.

  • The psychological reassurance that the workplace is safe.

  • The reassurance that the Facilities team have taken steps to protect them.

  • The visitor is delivered a reassuring experience upgrade; not screens, tape and signs that place the onus back on the individual.

The cost of returning to work

There are concerns that are instantly allayed for the CFO watching the bottom-line and trying to preserve financial performance:

  • The visible steps taken are going to allay those who might otherwise inform the Health and Safety Office avoiding the imposition of enforcement orders.

  • Reputational risk is removed.

  • The business can avoid the very costly outlay on screens, hazard tape and signs that will eventually be consigned to the basement.

  • The Facilities Manager has removed the bulk of the risk to reception staff meaning these employees are safe and any savings opportunities taken straight to the Return on Investment case.


What we are proud of as a visitor management company

Demonstrable impact at ISE Amsterdam with enterprise customers and partners like CBRE recognising the power of the solution with more efficient processes and a much-improved workplace experience. We believe:

  • Technology and people are delivering a tangibly safer workplace for the return to the office.

  • An enterprise-ready, tested solution now is a common feature in the workplace, for those that care about employees and their families safety.

What we deliver

1. A decongested reception with no queues and fast transit times.

We upgrade your reception management and visitor journey that tangibly improves workplace safety ready for the return to the office.

2. Integrated software that delivers a much stronger visitor management experience

Amplified by the Proxyclick integration option, we deliver a suite of benefits not just to visitor management, but to your building's visitor access control.

3. A powerful solution that benefits your employees

adds employee benefits with integrations to the leading visitor management companies like Condeco, taking visitor data and seamlessly populating Vpod.

4. Fast Return On Investment

A Clear ROI from hazard tape, screens and signs cost avoidance to reduced staffing costs and risk at a time when “risk reduction” is a paramount concern. Saving the cost of your visitor management.

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