Revolutionary Visitor Management for hospital and healthcare

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Hospitals and healthcare clinics are using visitor management solutions to enhance their visitor experience and workplace efficiency. Vpod's visitor management systems for hospitals and healthcare improve the visitor experience for healthcare professionals wanting to engage with customers.

In today's blog, we will cover the visitor management topic for hospital and healthcare, including:

  • What benefits can visitor management systems bring to hospitals

  • 4 tips to improve hospital visitor management

5 key benefits of visitor management for hospitals

visitor management for hospitals and healthcare

1. Instant access to the right healthcare expert

Patients can speak face-to-face with the person they need; be it GP, nurse, pharmacist, nutritionist — quickly and easily from the privacy of their own home, or indeed any convenient location, via our secure cloud-based platform, no complicated app or big bandwidth required.

2. Increase patient choice and accessibility

Through Vgreet digital visitor management system, patients get to choose how, when and where they want to interact with a healthcare professional. Conversations and consultations can be held at a private clinic, public hospital or even the high-street pharmacy using one of our bespoke private Health Pods.

3. Increase hospital/ pharmacy efficiency

Our Vgreet units enable customers/patients to find the healthcare information they need, without having to talk to a pharmacist directly – very useful when there is only one specialist on-site — and with our secure and private environments and cloud-based platform, it means if a face-to-face consultation is needed — then a remotely located health expert is just a click away.

4. Empower personal health decisions

Through Vpod visitor management, key information is now at customer/patient fingertips at your health service location, without the queues or fuss. For example when travel planning, they can find relevant information — from sun protection advice to destination dos and don’ts — via a Vgreet kiosk; and even ‘click and collect’ any products they need from the location's pharmacy or sales point — and of course if anything isn’t clear, they can speak directly with a travel health specialist via video.

5. Enabling joined up physical and digital journeys

Speak to a healthcare assistant via a website/app, book an appointment with a healthcare professional at a local hospital, and use a Vgreet device at the hospital reception area when you check-in for that appointment — even use a Health Pod for an appointment if that specialist is located remotely. All from one platform!

Vpod's visitor management system allows patients get to choose how, when and where, they want to interact with a healthcare professional.

Hospital visitor management systems are a powerful way to connect people to the right person to help with their health-related enquiries and concerns. An ever-growing population means healthcare professionals are increasingly in demand for their services — but also under pressure to deliver advice and solutions at a time convenient to people’s busy lifestyles.

Through Vpod's visitor management, hospitals and healthcare clinics can have a seamless, single way to deliver healthcare expertise across multiple channels.

  • Allows patients to contact the right expert their situation needs

  • No patient call ever goes unanswered

  • Your experts can manage conversations via a simple interface as easy as an audio call

  • All relevant medical files are accessible by your experts — instantly and securely

  • Cloud-based open architecture means no costly upfront costs, integration with your existing systems and full future-proofing

  • High-quality connectivity from any location, with low-bandwidth demands

  • Interface with your APIs and even physical medical equipment, hospital and healthcare facilities

4 tips to improve hospital visitor management

1. Document all entrances and control visitors' access to restricted area

An integrated visitor management system with visitor access control is very useful to protect your visitors and employees. for example, if your staff are using key fobs/cards to enter certain rooms, look for a visitor management system that can be integrated with your security system.

Hospital's visitors could include patients, patients' visitors, contractors, vendor, volunteers. Managing visitor types is important as different types of visitors need different access permission which can be easily tailored in Vgreet digital visitor management system, such as:

  • Contractors you might restrict to certain floors

  • Suppliers access to floors like Catering to one floor

  • Cleaners to all floors but only out of hours

2. Reduce visitor check-in time

Enabling a visitor management kiosk at your entrance can eliminate unnecessary manual processes and improve your visitor experience. Appointments, scheduling, and consultation can be fully integrated with Vgreet, so the visitors can check-in for their appointment quickly and easily,


When a visitor arrives at the entrance, Vgreet's temperature screening technology and facial recognition recognise visitors approaching, and guide them to scan the QR code which is sent to the visitors through pre-registration prior to their arrival.

After scanning their QR code, the registered visitors are given the direction of the building.

Read more about Vgreet visitor management system's features

“With our flagship clinic opening in Harley Street, appointments, scheduling and consultations were all seamlessly integrated and frustration-free with Vgreet." — Chris Schiel, LifePlus founder and CEO

3. Keep track of visitors

Tracking your visitors and collecting their information gives you a clear insight into your hospital's activity. Understand when and where they are at in your building to ensure everyone onsight is safe and secure. A visitor management system with a visitor log is beneficial for a long-term visitor who visits a patient frequently, so the check-in process is simplified when they visit again.

4. Communicate clear policies to your visitors

As we have discussed how to write a clear visitor policy in our blog, visitors should be fully aware and signed the documents before arriving. In general, you can display policies to new visitors on Vgreet's visitor management kiosk when they arrive at the hospital.

Pre-registration is another useful feature that you can send your visitor policies to them beforehand to reduce check-in time.

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