Visitor Management System Benefits - Transform First Impression

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How can businesses benefit from a visitor management system? In today's blog, we will introduce the 8 powerful visitor management system benefits that you need to know.

With so many market offerings, we will look into details about why do we call ourselves revolutionary visitor management and how do we stand out from the competition.

The topics cover

What is Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system (vms) is a solution that allows organisations to streamline and automate their visitor management process, using technology to monitor, track, and record visitor information.

We cover the topics of visitor management system in our ultimate guides here.

Why is Visitor Management important?

Visitor Management is important to deliver the best visitor experience, enhance workplace safety and efficiency. Appropriate visitor management can prevent you from breaking GDPR regulations, and lead you to a better chance of winning a sale.

Why do we need a simple visitor management system?

There are multiple market offerings for visitor management, but the purpose of using an easy visitor management solution is not only providing a great first impression to visitors and employees but also having the right tools for the Facilities Manager and your reception staff to manage visitors without putting more efforts in.

A simple visitor management system combines technology, security, communication and analytics. Without changing much in your workflow, or adding more processes and headaches to your daily tasks at work. An easy visitor management system that is designed to be flexible, customisable, and integrates into your existing software, is the key.

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8 Benefits of visitor management systems

Most visitor management starts with one simple task: to improve the all-important first impression. However, in this era, combing people and technology is more powerful than you think! You can be more ambitious with other Visitor Management System Benefits, click on any of them to jump to the paragraph.

  1. Cut out manual process and improve digital efficiency

  2. Support your front desk staff to deliver a more personalised customer service

  3. Fully customisable workflow and the system is designed to be customised

  4. Enhance workplace safety

  5. Employee well-being

  6. A WOW first impression for visitors

  7. Cost reduction

  8. Help you stay compliant and handle your visitor's data properly

Let us explain it in details.


Upgrade to a safe workplace, de-congested receptions, less cost

1. Cut out manual process and improve digital efficiency

Have you ever faced the problem that your reception is not aware of meeting changes and the updated visitor list?

Thousands of meetings change in size, date and time yet tasks can sometimes be overlooked; changing details with caterers or cleaners. Any change of visitors, meeting times might lead to your front desk not being able to identify visitors.

The concept of digital efficiency is based on removing manual processes and parts of workflows that require multiple touches. Amongst the top 9 challenges of visitor management, most of the facilities managers aren't aware of this visitor management system benefits - every meeting updates in Microsoft Outlook can automatically update visitor management systems.

What does that mean? You don't need to re-key the visitor details or manually update the visitor management system. Not every visitor management system delivers such benefits.


Vgreet visitor management system integrates with Microsoft through a partner ecosystem, Condeco Sync, a two-way Microsoft sync product that enhances workplace scheduling by keeping Condeco data and Microsoft data “In Sync”.

One of its modules for visitor management delivers visitor and host data via an API to integrated partners - which means the digital visitor log is always up to date. Condeco can see changes to host and attendee details for meetings, automatically sent from Microsoft Outlook through Condeco Software and sent straight into Vgreet's visitor management system.

An easy visitor management system for your office will benefit the facilities team and your front desk. Workplaces and services you need can be booked inside Outlook using the Condeco Outlook add-in which then syncs with Condeco’s software ensuring the meeting or desk and its services are available and complement each other.

2. Support your front desk staff to deliver a more personalised customer service

Visitor management systems are not designed to replace but to benefit your front desk staff. We believe a combination of people and technology can deliver the best customer service. But how?

Vgreet visitor management system can process 2800 visitors a day while the reception team is facing unpredictable and fluctuated visitor traffic to the office.


We see this benefit especially if you have staff on standby for the peaks of traffic which leads to:

  • Queues at peak times

  • Staff won't be utilised effectively during slow periods

  • High-frequency staff turnover with bored, unengaged staff moving to more fulfilling jobs.

The visitor management system benefit here is the remote receptionists that upgrade the staff and team safety dramatically in the visitor management process, whilst maintaining a service-first culture.

Reception no longer needs much staff to handle deliveries and visitors, it can finally focus on other more complicated tasks.

3. Fully customisable workflow and the system is designed to be customised

Either you want your Vgreet visitor management kiosk to be fully branded or you want your workflow to be customised for different types of visitors, an integrated visitor management system can:

One of the biggest benefits of Vgreet visitor management system that is different from others is the ability to integrate with your building's systems. From the Microsoft invite, through Condeco and Vpod visitor management straight out to the visitor. Managing your visitor entry management system, meeting room scheduling, visitor registration altogether, It’s a slick visitor management process.

Watch Condeco Partner Director Simon Cohen demonstrate the integration with Vpod - click the picture to watch the demonstration of Vgreet Visitor Management System.