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Updated: Jun 2

Oct 16th we announced a major partnership with Proxyclick and Condeco. Focusing on different parts of a visitor journey, Vgreet has become a crucial visitor management tool for facilities managers. In this blog, we will start with:

  1. What are visitor management tools?

  2. Who are we?

  3. Why Vpod x Proxyclick x Condeco?

  4. What does Vgreet visitor management tool's visitor journey look like?

The Next-level Visitor Management Tools

Visitor management tools are designed to streamline visitor management process, increasing workplace efficiency and using technology to improve visitor experience.

Visitor management tools are about making the process of managing visitors easier. However, at Vpod, we see visitor management more than improving the experience.

Let's start with why we need this partnership, who we are, and how Vgreet has become an advanced visitor management tool.


Vpod create unique tech solutions in digital visitor management and virtual reception, combining people and technology to drive customer satisfaction and profitability.

Vpod's visitor management system, Vgreet, is one of the most efficiency visitor management tool which uses software, hardware, and database to enable preregistering visitors, effective communication, express check-in, and workplace safety.

Customer challenges are what we focus on at Vpod (it's in our DNA) and for some months we have worked with Proxyclick and Condeco to solve some very basic facilities management issues.


Condeco are a leading workspace scheduling technology company. Condeco make it easy to find and book spaces to meet and work.


Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management platform built for the best-of-breed needs of the global enterprise and helps trusted brands across every industry to transform the way they welcome their visitors and contractors.

Why do we need this partnership for visitor management?

Improve efficiency

  • How do we remove tasks from the receptionist and connect the visitor and the host with timely alerts and notifications?

  • How do we ensure a Microsoft Office 365 user booking a meeting without changing Microsoft workflows? Can the visitor data populates the visitor management system so that new digital invite is sent out?

Enhance workplace safety

  • How do we make the workplace more intuitive and by coincidence, safer?

  • How do we make the visitor journey safer with touchless processes that deliver a 3-second express check-in?

  • How do we self-certify that we are well and not carrying a fever, visited certain countries or areas?

Bring your visitor experience to the next level

  • How do we enhance the visitor experience removing manual tasks and making them digital?

  • How do we make that visitor experience intuitive starting at an invite, not at the reception?

  • How do we link the meeting invite with the room and building's map, so the visitor which room they are going to and where it is?

These three mantras are again baked into the Vpod DNA and in Simon Cohen/Peter Otto at Condeco and Gregory Blondeau and the team at Proxyclick, we found like-minded folk with a passion for solving customer challenges.

However, it went further, not only were they passionate, but they were practical, designing the solution end to end round, excited, daring to believe customers and then launching it for feedback, at ISE in Amsterdam in February, just weeks before the pandemic struck Europe.


Click to watch the video.

The meeting invite by those guys at Proxyclick recognised by the Vgreet scanner.

9 areas of hassle for the visitor that Vgreet visitor management tool removes

The journey starts with a meeting booking in Office 365 or Condeco (they synch) and sends visitor details through Proxyclick to Vpod's Vgreet visitor management system, that recognises the QR code on the invite and prints a visitor pass.

  1. Google Map: Visitors know where they are going, where your office is at.

  2. The contact details of the host: Visitors can inform the host if they are early for a coffee or late in traffic.

  3. A QR code for express check in: Visitor received a QR code with the meeting invite which enables the Vgreet visitor management system's scanner to recognise them instantly against the invite and check them in with any validation process you like.

  4. A simplified journey: The tool enables 3 seconds Express check-in, keeping your visitor's feeling at ease and impressed.

  5. Contactless features: From the motion sensor to voice recognition the visitor check-in process is contamination free.

  6. Pre-registrations: You can add Pre-registration surveys, Self-Certification questionnaires to the fully customisable journey, keeping both HR and the legal team happy.

  7. Visitor pass printing and Host notification: The pass you print can be coded to enable escorted visitor arrival when your host turns up, after receiving the instant notification, you'd arrived, on check-in.

  8. Access control integration: Alternatively, once your security team are happy to enable the visitor through the barriers to a designated floor, particularly handy for Multi-Tenanted buildings.

  9. Meeting room wayfinding: It doesn't stop there, the Condeco integration gives them the room details that they are journeying to and the "way-finding directions of where the room is on the floor plan" and of course how to get there.

3 improvements on visitor journey with Vgreet Visitor management tool

1. Efficiency

The efficiency has been transformed not from when they arrived at the building, but from the moment they started the journey to it.

2. Safety

The whole building became much safer, not just for the employees, but for their elder relatives too, delivering huge "peace of mind".

What's more, your duty of care obligations has been visibly enforced, without a negative impact on the experience, which has been transformed.

3. Experience

More processes have been added, from pre-registration to touchless express check-in however the whole journey was digital, complimenting their smart device.

Time was stripped from the process, manual processes removed, communication enhanced, whilst the visitor enjoyed an experience upgrade.

The Experience has been upgraded to VIP, end to end through the entire journey, which for those that rely on a good first impression is key.

However, the benefits are much more than you expected. For those that compete for customers, and most of us do, we advise you to upgrade your experience before your competition does.

For those that want the old way, manual labour-intensive expensive processes, then that's your prerogative, just remember one thing, if your boss reads this article/blog OR gets a connected workplace check-in, in another building, we wish you good fortune.

Since February, the 147 demos and the customer feedback have culminated in a release to production all three production versions of Condeco, Proxyclick and Vpod and the first customers are live.

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