Updated: Feb 5

A new strategic partnership

Vpod are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Vidyo – a global platform for enterprise HD video conferencing. Vidyo is clever: its architecture sidesteps computer-intensive bottlenecks like transcoding by running the video solution as software on mainstream servers. Powered by Intel CPUs, Vidyo systems also deliver greater performance and value with every generation.

Vpod have adapted the Vidyo solution and created unique modules for video hunt groups, PSTN dialling and full-blown video call centre applications. This allows for multiple Vgreet endpoints, the video receptionist in other words, to be managed centrally via a call centre using video.

This solution is unique within the marketplace and provides Vgreet with the same video capabilities as an audio public exchange. Using the Vidyo platform, Vgreet now provides directory dialling via audio and video as well as hunt group dialling, call waiting and skills set routing. These can all be managed and monitored remotely via the Vgreet dashboard.

And this is just the beginning; we’re looking forward to the future innovations and technologies developed in this exciting new partnership.