Condeco exchange sync - Increase Visitor Management digital efficiency by 40%!

Updated: May 27, 2021

One smart move does it, this little known facilities secret transforms your visitor experience and much more! In today's blog, I will introduce what is Condeco exchange sync and how does it work with visitor management systems.

Condeco is a great resource management for managing "stressed buildings" that need to perform, however, it also conquers one key feature for Visitors that protects visitors and employees alike.

Most facilities managers have a problem: How do I get a full list of visitors expected to the building to my reception staff?

We often hear complaints "I cannot get the hosts to invite visitors" and therefore how do we know who to expect?

Here, for Condeco customers is the answer: Condeco capture 100% of visitors entered in Microsoft Office 365 or Condeco using Condeco Exchange Sync.

How does Condeco exchange sync work?

1. IF you have invested in Condeco Software then you have a superb tool that captures visitors from two different sources

Microsoft Office 365 automatically farms host and guest details from the meeting invite in outlook.(left side of at the top of the illustration below)

Condeco Bookings automatically create a visitor log entry by adding any non HOST company email address to the visitor log. (right side of the illustration at the top)

What does that mean?

My Company name is for example

Any meeting invitee with an email address that doesn't include as and email address is added as a visitor.

The visitor details populate the visitor log and from there these can be exported to Vgreet visitor management system or Vdesk visitor sign in kiosks by simply switching on the integration.

Here's how that works for your IT department so they understand Condeco sync and how it transforms visitor management.


On the left part of the diagram, simple meeting invites are created in Office 365. (no change in Microsoft workflow is required by the user, Microsoft and Condeco have done the work behind the scenes to enable the host and guest details to populate Condeco, called Condeco Exchange Sync)

On the right Complex users who prefer to use Condeco to book room resources can book the meeting using any of Condeco's tools, Condeco desktop, Outlook add-in or Condeco Ios Android APP.

Both populate the visitor log which Vpod interpret using their Condeco Integration and then a transformational invite is despatched to the visitor.

Transformational as the visitor gets maps and directions to the building as well as host details, however they also get a VIP visitor express check-in QR code on the invite.

This QR code is scanned on arrival, your pass printed and your host notified in three seconds with no manual tasks whatsoever.

2. You simply use the Outlook add-in to invite guests and the process follows the same path.

The advantage of the Condeco and Microsoft path is the following:

  • there is no need to educate users on new workflows

  • front of house staff get 100% expected visitor capture with no manual task input

  • so you get two benefits width of visitor coverage and removal of manual process across that increased width.

  • For Microsoft customer this is the best Microsoft Visitor Management Experience

  • No change in Microsoft workflows in Office 365

  • No change in Condeco Workflows in Condeco for more complex bookings

  • 100% impact on visitors where you are now only dealing with exceptional unregistered visitors.

  • That's a weight of manual processing off your staffs task list

  • And a greatly upgraded experience for the visitor.

10 Benefits of condeco exchange sync

  1. Condeco's deep integration with Microsoft means that employees inviting host DO NOT need to change how they work, and how they normally invite people to meetings.

  2. For simple meetings that do not require catering, post meeting cleaning etc the host can simply invite the visitor in the normal way using Outlook.

  3. Complex meeting bookings, bookers can use Condeco as they normally would.

  4. Condeco Exchange Sync ensures three things the Host, the visitors, the room are all synchronised using the Condeco sync feature which means 100% of your host and visitor details are captured in Condeco's visitor log.

  5. Finally, I have a full list of guests, but how do I deliver touchless 3 second express check-in to those visitors? Simple, Vpod have Integrated Vgreet and Vdesk to Condeco so that the host and visitor details populate the visitor management system, without any rekeying from one system to another.

  6. Vgreet visitor management system then send out a branded invite with two core elements everything the visitor needs to find the building! Everything the company needs to pre-register guests/visitors.

  7. This means your entire reception can use a blend of technology and people perfectly, removing the staff behind the desk and elevating them to "Meet and Greet staff."

  8. The visitor completes any health survey, health and safety video or notice viewing, before they attend the office, if they do not their QR code is not activated.

  9. Upon arrival, the visitor triggers the Vgreet screen to check-in using motion sensors and is prompted to use the words check-in.

  10. They present the bar code and 3 seconds later, their pass is printed, the host is notified and they are on their way, escorted or directed to the meeting.

Benefits for Human Resources and Legal

  1. You have a very visible initiative, you have introduced to trap 100% of visitors in a scripted but efficient journey that captures and deals with self health surveys.

  2. You can tick every box for HSE by delivering a 100% complaint visitor workflow every time.

  3. You have a visibly safer workplace to communicate to employees.

  4. You have de-stressed or decongested the building reception, no queues will be formed, by introducing a simple digital journey.

How do I get this system activated?

  1. Condeco users with "User Pricing" get the API interface with Vgreet for free

  2. How we calculate your digital efficiency

  3. Leasing terms starts at less than £35 a day

  4. Visitor Management System FAQs

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We need to invest in a free standing or counter top kiosk, how do we construct the business case?

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