Digital Visitor Management System: 4 Top Questions Answered

Updated: Apr 1

As the nation begins to think about a possible return to the office in April, many Facilities Managers will be looking at digital visitor management systems for their organisations. Are you wondering where to get started? In today's blog, we explain four digital visitor management topics .

What is a digital visitor management system?

A digital visitor management system takes all individual processes that were previously executed manually by reception staff and creates one automatic workflow. This ensures all processes are completed efficiently and on time, leaving your front desk focus on delivering a first-class impression and service to visitors.

In addition, a digital visitor management system tracks and monitors workflows and visitor traffic, managing unpredictable traffic peaks in visitors just as effectively as quiet periods. Having a digital visitor management system allows you to continually improve processes in your organisation, always getting a high efficiency.

Read more about our digital visitor management system, Vgreet.

What is a reception service?

A reception service allows you to outsource tasks that a traditional receptionist would usually be responsible for. Some services cover telephone answering for overflow, out of hours or all calls. Other reception services involve a "virtual receptionist", which involves administrative support.

The key to a reception service is that they are flexible to the needs that you have as a business. Whether you want support during peaks times in addition to your front of house team or someone to take over all call answering and admin, reception services will tailor to your needs.

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What is visitor experience?

Visitor experience is the positive, negative or neutral emotional response that a visitor feels when they are at your premises. Visitor experience begins before they arrive at your office; usually when they receive an invitation to attend a meeting or visit your building.

The type of experience you provide to visitors will depend on factors such as workplace culture, the industry you operate in, and the people who are visiting. For instance, a relaxed workplace culture would not want to provide an experience filled with processes, but an industry that requires a high level of security might.

Read more about improving your visitor experience here.

What is visitor sign in?

Visitor sign in is the steps that someone would take to process visitors into their premises. Traditionally, sign in books have been the typical way to do this; visitors would usually input their name, date and time of visit, car registration details, and leave a signature. Visitors would then be given a security badge in order to be easily identified in the office. This method is outdated, and with the introduction of GDPR law in 2018 means sign in books can cause data breaches and subsequent fines.

The most secure way to process visitors is using a digital visitor sign in system.

Read why Visitor Sign In with Vgreet is a sound choice.

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