Revolutionary Visitor Management

Visitor Journey with Vgreet Visitor Management from Pre-Arrival to Check-Out

1. Booking a meeting


Prior to the popular electronic diary systems, meetings were scheduled during face-to-face conversations, phone calls or emails.

Up-to-date Visitor Details


Remove the need to manually enter visitor data into a third party system with Condeco.


Condeco collates visitor data directly from the Outlook invite and via the integration with Vgreet visitor management system populates the visit.

Employees were then required to inform reception staff of their meeting schedule. This method was often time consuming and a very manual process.

Digital Visitor Log


As well as saving the manual input effort, the digital visitor log is stored ahead of the visitor, giving everyone express touchless check-in in 3 seconds.


 Meeting Room/ Desk Booking


Control meeting rooms, catering and even cleaning after the meeting using Condeco's powerful workplace booking apps.

No digital meeting invite meant no maps or wayfinding instructions. Causing visitors to often be late for meetings. 

WOW! A Bespoke, Branded Visitor Invitation


A smart visitor invitation transforms their experience, as well as ensuring visitors pre-register, boosting your compliance with site safety.


Simple touches like a Google Map to their mobile device showing how to get there, the full address for taxi directions and host details are all included in the invite.


The invite also features a QR code which is used to check-in; this is activated when visitors comply with your pre-registration requirements.

Fully Customisable

2. Visitor Pre-registration


Traditional Visitor Management

Digital Visitor Management

No pre-registration method.

Ensure Maximum Compliance


Thanks to Proxyclick integration, visitors pre-register for their visit. NDAs, health and safety documents, self certification and safety videos can all be viewed and e-signed before arrival.


What's more, you can tailor the pre-registration and visitor's entry depending on the persona of visitor type, that is visiting; i.e. contractor, employee, VIP and more.


Unable to take any visitor details, reception unaware that visitor is due, queues in reception, impersonal welcome, manual tasks to be completed.

Fully Customisable

Efficient Building Access Management


If you choose to integrate with the building access control systems, you can monitor blacklist and real-time visitor record all in one system.


Unique QR codes are also given prior to the meeting to enable 3-second express check in.

Covid-19 risk, unable to screen visitors ahead of arrival, documents to sign before building entry.

Indoor Wayfinding for your building

Branded and customisable meeting invites will delight your visitors and keep them up to date. Building location, meeting times and host details are included, leaving your visitor to focus on nothing but getting to you on time.

3. Visitor Check-In


Traditional Visitor Management

Digital Visitor Management

Manually check-in at reception or no check-in, being greeted directly by host.


Touchless, Express Check In


Using the directions provided, your visitor will arrive at your building and be acknowledged immediately by Vgreet visitor management system's motion sensors.


Thanks to Vgreet visitor management system's contactless sign in, your visitor simply says "check in", which leaves Vgreet to start the process for them.

Fully Customisable

Long queues at reception and waiting for reception to notify host (even longer when the host is in a meeting/ no signal).

Getting to the meeting room

Having pre-registered for their visit, scanning their QR code will start a chain of actions that enable express check-in: Internal Wayfinding, Visitor badge printing, Locker granted, Meeting room details, Guest wi-fi emailed, guest arrival notification, Access granted.


Say goodbye to queues and contamination risk.

Visitor forgetting the name of the meeting host or what they look like. 

Extra Safety Measures

Use FLIR temperature screening to accurately record core body temperature, enabling you to safely process visitors with minimal staff contact and no worry of being non-compliant.

Negative first impression upon arrival.

Whoops! Did your visitor forget to pre-register, or bring another guest with them? 


Not to worry, Vgreet visitor management system will connect them to a remote receptionist, Moneypenny Executive PA or in-house staff in a matter of seconds, allowing them to be checked in smoothly.


Keep your front of house staff safe from contamination while keeping a high level of service.

4. During your visit


Traditional Visitor Management

Digital Visitor Management

Minimal help for visitor during their visit at the meeting location. 

Find building facilities


If your visitor needs to use facilities, such as the canteen, Vgreet visitor management system will point them in the right direction. Vgreet can even show them what's on the menu or help them order a coffee.

Fully Customisable


Visitors getting lost in large office buildings.

Need to work whilst visiting?


Visitors can book a desk using Condeco and Vgreet functionality. What's more, your cleaning staff will be informed it needs to be sanitised after, keeping areas Covid-secure.

Limited access to refreshments and difficulty finding a space to work.

Advanced feature: Need somewhere to store belongings?


On-site locker access can be provided and managed via Vgreet visitor management system.

Leaving a visitor feeling underwhelmed with their experience. 

Emergency Fire Roll Call 


In the event of a fire, Vgreet visitor management system will contact all checked in visitors and control roll calls, reducing errors and allowing your staff to focus on safety.

5. Visitor Check-Out


Traditional Visitor Management

Digital Visitor Management

Queuing to manually hand back visitor pass and check-out at reception. 

Automated Check-Out​

When it's time to leave, your visitor will check out quickly via Vgreet visitor management system. 


Help Visitors With Their Onward Journey

Unfamiliar with the area? No problem. Book a cab, check travel information or see points of interest at Vgreet.

Unsure how to find exits and travel information. 

Advanced Feature: Measure your Visitor Experience


Add an NPS survey to Vgreet visitor management system upon check out.

Want to assess your existing visitor management and learn the areas that could be improved with digital processes?