Vpod partner with Ricoh Workplace Consultancy Services for several key reasons

  • Firstly a shared vision that the workplace should be more intuitive and people centric

    • Delivering places where team members want to and can collaborate effectively ​

    • Secondly, delivering a place where showing customers the future of the workplace is easy.

  • Secondly, Ricoh's experience with global technologies and leasing fleets of digital service hardware presents a powerful value proposition to our mutual customers.​

  • We both believe in empower people by unlocking their full potential and allowing them to develop their own work styles and Ricoh's consultancy services are second to none.

  • Streamline processes by focusing on how information flows through an organisation, where people need it to be, and how it is governed.

  • Simplify technology by ensuring it meets the needs of the changing workforce and the business.

  • Optimise workspace by analysing the workplace to ensure it is properly utilised and equipped to meet the needs of people.

Ricoh deliver the tools and insights that show how you’re currently using your facilities, resources and meeting space, and where you can make improvements.

Want to find out more: https://vgreet-customer-introduction.vpodsolutions.com/ricoh

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