Vgreet Digital Visitor Management System

Revolutionary workplaces

Vgreet digital visitor management system is the key to an intuitive, connected workplace.  


Not just for visitors checking in, Vgreet takes care of the entire visitor management process, leaving reception staff to focus on providing visitors with a warm welcome. 

Touchless visitor check-in kiosk, a digital receptionist help service, Microsoft room booking integrations and much more, Vgreet digital visitor management system provides an end-to-end visitor management solution for your organisation.

Visitor Journey with Vgreet Digital Visitor Management System

Reengineer Your Visitor Management


Own your visitor journey

Step 1 - Pre-registration

  • Branded Email sent to visitor containing full confirmation of all details such as time, date, room, host etc

  • Visitor can add all appointment details to the smart device calendar

  • Host’s details in the invite in case visitors need to contact them

  • Host’s photo so the visitor knows who they are meeting

  • Google Map directions help to find the meeting location

  • Pre-screening – send visitors registration documents such as NDAs or Health and Safety information to sign prior to arrival

  • Self-health checks – provide visitors with a health questionnaire to complete before their arrival

Vgreet visitor management system demonst

Creating a WOW first impression

Step 2 - Arrival at meeting location

  • Vgreet digital visitor management system welcomes guests as soon as they arrive

  • Motion sensors know when a visitor is present

  • Touchless commands available using voice recognition

  • A QR code for the visitor to scan on arrival and check-in

  • Visitor passes print automatically

  • Host is notified of visitors arrival, removing the need for many manual processes

  • Face-to-face digital receptionist video concierge

vgreet wayfinding

Meetings start on time, every time

Step 3 - Locating the meeting room

  • The meeting invite sent to the visitor also contains a picture of their host and contact details so they are easily recognisable and contactable.

  • Vgreet digital visitor management system room and desk booking integration advises the visitor of room details for the meeting and our interactive maps shows visitors how to get there on the visitor check-in kiosk.

  • Building, security, catering, weather, traffic and travel information can all be accessed via Vgreet digital visitor management system.

Vgreet Digital Visitor Management System Advanced Features

Permit secure access through turnstiles & entry/exit points

Automated temperature screening kiosk

Recognise returning visitors via face recognition

Room & desk booking integrations

Live face-to-face video help from external executive PA’s

Digital Lockers

Automated smart lockers for employees and visitors

Data Analytics

Capture data to monitor, plan and improve your process

How can Vgreet Digital Visitor Mangement System help you

Find out how Vgreet digital visitor management benefits your strategic objectives. 

Vgreet Leasing Options Now Available

Three-year leasing options now available for those wishing to purchase Vgreet digital visitor management system, in partnership with Propel Finance, a leading UK asset finance provider.

Leasing options offers a new way for customers to pay for their Vgreet, while seeing an instant return on investment in their business.

Finance subject to status. T&Cs apply.

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