For Employees

With intuitive and intelligent technology, Vgreet for Employees Self Service connects all facilities and resources for the people using the workspace – making them quickly visible, accessible and ready on demand.


Vgreet for Employee Self Service Kiosk connects all facilities and resources for the people using the workspace, including external employee check-in, indoor wayfinding, room & desk booking, employee lockers, and help desk.



Help new or current employees - along with internal visitors - find their way around your office building safely and easily.

Room & Desk Booking

Allow employees to book a room or desk at a time that suits them, whilst managing a safe level of occupancy sanitisation and cleaning.


Multi-Purpose Smart Lockers

Employees can use the contactless process to access a day locker, book an IT asset or collect a parcel. Organisations can manage utilisation and save space and cost.

Live Virtual Concierge

Employees can access live video help from internal teams, your suppliers or via Vpod’s executive PAs.


Benefits of Vgreet for employees self service in your

Support Hybrid Working & Create an Agile Workplace

Retain talent by ensuring your people feel supported and empowered. 

Support for Employees

From booking co-ordinating lockers and desks, to indoor wayfinding, Vgreet for Employees Self Service provides your people with a complete help solution at one point. Allowing them to execute their tasks efficiently and quickly. 

Create a safe workplace

Maintain social distancing and regular cleaning within your workspace.

Improving Productivity

Allow your people to access all on-site resources and facilities via one employee services point.

Facilities Access

With our room and desk booking service, you can manage a safe occupancy level and ensure areas are sanitised automatically after use.


With indoor wayfinding, your people can find their way around easily whilst sticking to social distancing rules.


Limited space?
Our employee service solutions are also available in smaller hardware.