Vgreet Visitor Management FAQs

What is Vgreet?

Vgreet is a digital visitor management system that takes care of your entire visitor management process; from the moment you book a meeting, right to when you wave goodbye to your visitor at the foyer.


Whether you’re looking to reduce operating costs, increase efficiencies or productivity, ensure a safe workplace in light of Covid-19, or even create a first-class visitor experience, a Vgreet visitor management solution will exceed your expectations. 


How does Vgreet visitor management work?

The features of Vgreet Visitor Management System

Vgreet is a digital visitor management system that offers a contactless check-in, reduces congestion in your lobby and reduces visitor management costs. Vgreet creates a unique and better visitor experience by delivering the following functions:

Read more about each contactless feature.

The journey with Vgreet Visitor Management System

Vgreet visitor management system delivers two parts of the visitor journey:

Step 1 starts in Microsoft Outlook. A host invites visitors to a meeting, Office 365 synchronises with Condeco, whose visitor management module passes the visitor details into the visitor management system Vgreet. The visitor gets a great invite and a touchless check-in.

Learn more about how office 365 registers visitors with Vgreet

Step 2 starts at the invite. A visitor follows the map details on the invite and arrives at reception, where motion detectors tell the Vgreet system they have arrived and voice recognition prompts them to check-in. One scan of a QR code enables a pass to be printed and they are given details of the meeting room and floor they need to go to. If the visitors do not have a QR code to check-in or require further assistance, they get instant help from Moneypenny's on-demand digital receptionists.

Learn more about the touchless check-in process


Step 3 ensures the visitor arrives at the meeting room safely and on-time. The meeting invite sent to the visitor also contains a picture of their host and contact details so they are easily recognisable and contactable. Vgreet's room and desk booking integration advises the visitor of room details for the meeting and our interactive maps shows visitors how to get there. Building, security, catering, weather, traffic and travel information can all be accessed via Vgreet.

What's Vgreet visitor management system's price?


Vgreet  visitor management system can see a return-on-investment £80k in year 1 and £175k in year 2, the price offers a great ROI compared to the cost of FOH and reception staff. You can calculate the price and how much money you can save with Vgreet here with our free ROI calculator.

Vgreet visitor management system starts from £1,499 per month with our leasing options

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Does free visitor management system exist? 


Research shows that a free visitor management system does not exist. The cost of not having a visitor management system is a far more important topic.

£2,900 every time you lose a receptionist: time to recruit (£1,000) training (£1,000) uniforms (£900).


A single person reception costs 25-30% more than their salary for holidays, sickness and peak time manning levels to cater for.


















Calculate the price of Vgreet visitor management system

Vgreet visitor management system saves money for different types of receptions, but the questions are not just about the price of it. The actual cost of a visitor management system is beyond the amount of money.


Take your digital efficiency, savings from repurposing the staff, and saved budgets to upgrade your service into consideration. Calculate each of them here


Does Vgreet integrate with corporate apps?


Vgreet visitor management system is a front-end interface for both visitors and employees to access third-party visitor management integrations. Vgreet is able to integrate with your existing visitor management apps, or an organisation's pre-existing workflows, systems and processes.  


Paper vs digital visitor passes?


During the express check-in process, a visitor will scan their QR code and the Vgreet unit will automatically print a paper visitor pass. Our Proxyclick software integration can be used as a digital method of providing a visitor pass, however, many of our clients prefer physical visitor passes to be printed as they can be displayed at all times for security reasons. Ultimately, the Vgreet solution is flexible depending on a customer’s requirements.


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