Better visitor experience 

Deliver the best VIP service whilst delivering express check-in and a transformed visitor journey.

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What is visitor experience?

Visitor experience refers to the process that a visitor follows from being invited to your building to leaving your office.


A poor visitor experience 


As opposed to the traditional visitor experience which starts at the reception door, or as we called it as 

a "reactive reception" Reception is not aware of visitor's arrival or any meeting changes.

A poor experience is likely due to broken processes, queues, frustration or negative interaction with your company.

It could lead to making or losing a sale, an employee, a business partner, or simply damaging your companies brand.    


A good visitor experience


​We believe a good visitor experience infers that the visitor had a positive interaction with your company, meanwhile,

The difference between these two experiences

A good visitor experience at your reception

  • An informative and welcoming invite to your building Information about the meeting host, including a photo of them

  • Clear directions to your office 

  • Documents to pre-sign and the option to pre-register prior to their arrival 

  • Express touchless check-in 

  • A warm welcome from reception, who are aware of their arrival Immediate help if the visitor needs it  

  • Intuitive Covid-19 safety 

  • Internal wayfinding capabilities  

  • Directions to the nearest toilet, fire exit, where to make a coffee 

  • Directions to the meeting room or desk they have booked.

  • Wifi codes available


We believe in the concept of "Connected Workplace" to deliver the best visitor experience. What do we mean by that? Different systems pass only key data to each other to enhance the experience or make processes more efficient. The simple but significant concept: On-grid when systems are linked and connected or Off-grid, where some systems exist, however processes, are largely manual and costly. 

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