Visitor Management System Facial Recognition


What is facial recognition?

Facial recognition is a way of recognising or authorising an individual's identity using their facial features. Facial recognition systems can be used to identify people in photos, videos, or in real-time.

Benefits of implementing visitor management with facial recognition

1. Increased security


Face recognition visitors management system (FRVMS) is proposed to improve an organisations security and prevent visitors from entering the building illegally.


Facial recognition software allows organisations to easily identify and track all types of visitors. Therefore, security teams can monitor and develop strategies to increase their focus on other areas of security procedures whilst the visitor management system accommodates validating and verifying visitors, contractors and guests. 


2. Improved efficiency


Remove the labour-intensive process of a receptionist manually checking visitor identification documents, allowing them to be productive elsewhere.


3. A great first impression

Wow visitors with a smooth, secure, simple check-in process that doesn’t require them to be waiting around in a busy reception area.


4. Elements of the best visitor management system

Academic research clearly pointed out the ability to accurately and quickly capturing visitor’s images, authenticating visitors ID, creating visitor badges with their details are what the best visitor management system should have.


Vgreet visitor management system with facial recognition

Many organisations have improved their building's security via facial recognition technology. Visitor management systems with facial recognition use the visitors' pre-uploaded photos in the pre-registration process.


For unscheduled visitors, the facial recognition technology (FRT) photo capture function enables a simpler sign-in process. For a returning visitor or staff, visitor management facial recognition technology automatically identifies them from other locations.


A visitor management system with facial recognition technology and access control is beneficial for building safety. It controls visitor access when the system recognises unwanted visitors or any failed visitor check.

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