Using QR Code in Visitor Management

Although it isn't a new technology, visitor management systems with QR codes have become a functional part of post-pandemic life for a faster and contactless check-in.


You can find them in magazines, on business cards, product labelling and displays. They have become so popular! Users with a camera phone can scan the QR code to display text, a webpage, register attendance or enter data.


but why is a visitor management system's QR code so crucial?

  • Make the check-in process easy and fast

  • Sent with a branded meeting incite for a better visitor experience

  • Automatically notify the host when visitor scanned their QR code

Let's explain our How and Why.


How does QR code work in Vgreet visitor management system?

Within a visitor management system, QR codes are used for identification and sign in purposes.


Vgreet visitor management system’s QR code scanning is a perfect method to help implement a contactless environment. Every meeting invite generates a unique code for guests.


On arrival, a simple scan kickstarts the entire entrance process: checking-in, notifying hosts, visitor badge printing, showing directions to meeting rooms.


All automated, all happening in seconds and all importantly, without a single keypress.

Why use QR code scanning in visitor management procedures?

Visitor management with QR code scanning provides a more efficient and professional experience for your visitors and employees.


QR code scanning leverages existing infrastructure, cuts down waiting times, decongests receptions and enables a touchless check-in process, without sacrificing security measures.


Is visitor management system QR code scanning a good practice in the post-pandemic world?

With Vgreet visitor management system, the visitor check-in process can now be completely touchless, minimising the chance of COVID contamination.


When a visitor approaches the Vgreet, motion sensors are alerted and the screen interface changes to invite visitors over to the kiosk. Once at the Vgreet, visitors can simply use the voice command “check-in” and the Vgreet visitor management system interface changes to the check-in page.


With QR code functionality, visitors simply scan their QR code and a visitor pass is printed automatically. All of this is completed without the need for the visitor to touch the screen.

Visitor Management QR Code




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