Visitor Management Software


What is visitor management software?

Visitor management software combines technology, security, communication and analytics to deliver an efficient process. 


Cloud-based visitor management software are known as a service, or SaaS, a software licensing model that makes it available to users all over the internet. Users can manage visitors from a web browser or an app.


Many cloud-based visitor management software provide monthly or annual subscription that can be updated constantly, removing the need for manual patches and updates. 

Vgreet visitor management software integrations

Proxyclick Visitor Management Software


Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management platform built for the best-of-breed needs of the global enterprise and helps trusted brands across every industry to transform the way they welcome their visitors and contractors.


By having the integration with Proxyclick’s visitor management software, businesses provide a seamless visitor experience. When an employee books a meeting room in Condeco with external visitors, visitors are automatically pre-registered within the Proxyclick system. A bespoke invite can then be sent along with pre-arrival screening documents (i.e., NDAs or self-certification for health checks).


Features of Proxyclick visitor management software:

  • Emergency text messages to all site visitors

  • Digital compliance document signing process

  • Visitor pass printing

  • Pre-registration / Self-registration

  • Compliance with GDPR and other processes

  • access control system integration


 Benefits of using visitor management software in your workplace

1. Own your entire visitor journey


You can control your visitor's experience from meeting invite to them leaving your building.

2. Improve workplace safety


Provide a strategy that readily communicates that you take employee and visitor safety seriously.

3. Customise the journey depending on the visitor


Manage a visitor’s journey dependant on their needs. For example, an employee will go through a different sign-in process to a sales person from a partner organisation.

4. Cut cost


Reduce staff pressure at peak times and the related staff coverage costs


5. Improve Digital Efficiency


Removing manual processes and deliver a more efficient check-in process that can be completed in 3 seconds


6. Improve Productivity

Visitor management software automates the visitor management process with a seamless visitor experience and expresses check-in.  Meetings will always start on time, your reception staff can focus on the tasks that are more complicated and enjoyable.

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