Visitor Management System Videos

The Complete Vgreet Visitor Journey 

Watch the video and join the visitor journey with Vgreet visitor management system, from email invites, meeting room booking, to express 3-second check-in. 

Generate the best visitor journey with invites generated from Office 365 and Condeco meeting invites - no keying visitor email addresses

Simon Cohen demonstrates Condeco Integrated to Vgreet visitor management system at ISE 2020.

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Extend your reception capacity with Exec PA's on demand on Video Link.

Heading 3

Vpod and Moneypenny’s partnership highlighted the combination of technology and people. With Vpod’s visitor management solution, Vgreet, Moneypenny's PAs can now connect with visitors via video.

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Branded Visitor Invites and customised visitor workflows with the Proxyclick integration 

Vpod announce an integration partnership with leading visitor management system enterprise, Proxyclick .

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NM Money and Dialog

NM Money deployed Vpod’s video banking solution Dialog, providing remote face-to-face mortgage advice via their contact centre in order to create a distributed model.

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Private, acoustically optimised, low-power consumption spaces mean your business can reach remote customers, create co-work environments and host virtual meetings with ease.

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Vpod and Portico

Vpod were delighted to be invited to be the front of house service provider Portico’s annual conference at Bloomsbury’s GoodEnough College in London.

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Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone has found their entire visitor management process has been streamlined and with routine tasks being taken care of, their front-of-house teams are able to concentrate on providing a more personal concierge-style service to their guests.

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