Hidden in the Vpod basement are people who can get you connected via hardware and software — perfectly matching your CX to your UX and UIs.

Discover custom AV solutions, customer communication platforms, remote and co-working technology and translate your brand across any device.

True end-to-end omni channel experts, VLab can work with you to build the perfect customer journey for your business.


VLab: Customer journeys that count

Custom audio visual solutions to suit any environment
Custom software development to empower customer experiences for maximum ROI
Create seamless customer journeys across any device and location
Powerful solutions across all channels: video banking, telehealth, visitor management, digital retail transformation and beyond

VLab creates the solutions you and your customers need to stay connected

Plug and play empowered No more huddling round a laptop because no one can get the presentation screen to work, no more tinny treble in your atrium audio — Vlab have been designing and installing perfect AV solutions for over a decade, so if you have a problem, consider it problem solved.

Looking good, everywhere Your brand isn’t just a type face and a colour scheme, it’s how your customers view you and your business. Vlab have a ton of experience at translating brand values and guidelines across new technology — ensuring a consistent customer experience, everywhere.

Power to your people Vpod’s solutions are available in simple off the peg formats — but when your business needs that extra widget, or even a whole custom app to deliver the best customer experience, our dev team can build the perfect solution. Get clicking.

Fun, not frustrating experiences No business is the same, and neither are your customers — that means the number of potential customer journeys your business has can seem quite daunting. Fortunately we’ve been there, done that, so we can help ensure all your customers will give you five star feedback.

VLab: End-to-end and omni-channel

Cracking the code: Vpod translated Alan Turing’s mathematical concepts to create the interactive interface for their Vgreet

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