Multi-purpose Smart Lockers

What is Vlocker?


Vlocker is a smart locker solution that allows you to:

  • maximise locker utilisation.

  • minimise locker cost.

  • save on space 

We provide a smart locker system, where one locker bank can have multiple purposes.


Save money by purchasing only one locker bank, rather than multiple banks that all have a separate purpose. 

Our Vlockers are also available with either Vgreet or Vdesk management solutions to help you digitise and automate your entire locker system.

Different purposes of locker systems

Multiple locker banks for different uses. A costly and space-consuming locker solution. 

1 x Locker bank for Parcel/Post

1 x Locker bank for Personal Storage


1 x Locker bank for Asset Management


Smart Lockers Features

One locker bank for multiple uses. Save 30% space and spend 30% less with our digital lockers and locker management integration. The key features are:


  • Contactless, voice activation

  • Manage multiple workflows and uses for the smart locker system

  • Integrated locker management software

  • One locker system for day lockers, asset lockers, and post lockers.

Benefits of Vlockers

Cost Benefit

Spend less by only needing to buy one locker bank.

Save money on office space by minimising the number of locker banks space you need. 


Manage internal accountability and security with a digital asset management system.

Collect data on utilisation across your building, with easily accessible digital reports.  


Implement a flexible smart locker solution that works for your teams.

Have one locker bank  with smart locker software for 

  • Parcel pick up

  • IT/Assets

  • Day lockers

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