VLocker Smart Lockers

A multi-purpose, all-in-one smart locker solution for your workplace.


What is the VLocker?

VLocker is a Smart Locker Solution that can send or collect mail and parcels, return or charge IT devices, and store personal belongings. It allows you to:

VLocker Smart Locker System is a single bank of lockers with multiple purposes for parcels, personal storage, and IT devices. Smart locker systems help you digitise and automate your entire locker system and keep your workplace connected.

Benefits of VLocker Smart Locker Solution

Save Space and Cost

The traditional locker solution of having multiple locker banks for different uses is costly and space-consuming.

Thanks to the Smart Locker Software, you can spend less by only needing to buy one locker bank. Save money on office space by minimising the number of locker banks space you need. 

Full control & visibility on locker usage

Manage internal accountability and security with a digital asset management system. 

Collect data on utilisation across your building site, with easily accessible digital reports.  Providing real-time insights on how your locker bank is being used – ideal for facilities managers who require a deep understanding of the ways in which workplace tools are used.

Quick and easy for users to access

Offer your people a frictionless experience with contactless self-serving lockers that are quick and easy to access. No more stumbling with keys or delays due to technical difficulties.

Provide Employees with Flexibility

Implement a flexible Smart Locker Solution that works for your teams.


Our on-demand Smart Locker Solutions help to create a more agile working environment as they can accommodate different workflows for different locker purposes all in one centralised unit.

Smart Locker Features

  1. A smart locker system for delivery, personal belongings storage, and IT assets.

  2. Environmentally friendly: sustainable manufacturing, made in house

  3. Mobile accessibility to check locker availability and reserve

  4. Intelligent locking mechanism for maximum security - Smart lock technology – includes RFID cards, password protected and QR Code for a seamless experience.

  5. Fully customisable to suit your office and branding


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