Developing a Safe Workplace

Implement COVID-safe measures using Vpod's visitor management solutions to help create a safe workplace for both employees and visitors.

Creating a safe workplace for visitors:


Decongest receptions and move visitors through the premises faster and more efficiently with Vgreet’s pre-registration feature. When the host creates a meeting invite, the visitor is pre-registered and the host can send across self-certification health checks and track and trace forms for completion prior to the visitor's arrival.

Touchless, 3-second Check-in

With Vgreet, the visitor check-in process can now be completely touchless, minimising the chance of COVID contamination. When a visitor approaches the Vgreet the motion sensors are alerted and the screen interface changes to invite visitors over to the kiosk. Once at the Vgreet, visitors can then simply use the voice command “check-in” and the Vgreet interface changes to the check-in page. With QR code functionality, visitors simply scan their QR code and a visitor pass is printed automatically. All of this is completed without the need for the visitor to touch the screen.

Voice recognition

Vgreet recognises other voice commands such as “help” where Vgreet then connects to a remote receptionist via Video Link. Therefore, visitors don’t need to touch the screen, minimising contamination risks.

Thermal Scanning

One of our advanced features, thermal scanning cameras can be integrated with the Vgreet to add temperature scanning to the check-in process. We then work with customers to ensure there is a procedure in place for when a visitor’s temperature indicates they could be a COVID risk to the organisation.

Automated visitor management process

With Vgreet a pass is printed automatically after the visitor signing in, the host is then notified by SMS and Email, and the visitor is told which room they are in and the meeting starts on time. No human contact is involved.

How to create a COVID-safe workplace for employees:

Many of the above features are beneficial to employees, however, the implementation of Vgreet visitor management delivers unique benefits to them, including:

Re-locating front of house staff

Vgreet allows organisations to re-locate front of house staff from the main reception front of line to a back office where they are safe and away from visitor contact. Using Video Link, reception staff that have been re-located can still be reached by visitors with the Vgreet’s video help feature.

Physical and psychological safety reassurance

Vgreet provides a touchless check-in, track and trace, temperature monitoring, desk booking, sanitisation and more. Organisations can ease any workplace safety anxieties with a physical, demonstrable change in their building. Screens, signs and tape cannot compete with Vgreet and the psychological safety that it provides. Vgreet upgrades the workplace experience and saves money long after the pandemic circumstances have subsided.

Notice display

On the Vgreet screen, organisations can display health and safety messaging such as social distancing and face covering requirements for visitors and employees within the building.

Removing manual processes

Vgreet takes control of visitor management processes, moving from a reactive and manual solution to one which is intuitive and digital. Moving manual or siloed processes into digital workflows saves money; where businesses relied on manpower previously, Vgreet takes care of labour-intensive administrative tasks, such as track and trace. This allows staff to be re-located to a safer area, be given other tasks to complete or be redeployed to other areas of the business.

Digital lockers

Vgreet integrates with smart locker services for both employees and visitors. The employee locker solution tailors to office and hybrid workers who need a place to leave their belongings, pick up laptops and other hardware, drop-off hardware for IT services or receive post/parcels.

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