Vpod Intelligent Parcel Lockers

Create an intelligent workplace with Vpod Automated Parcel Lockers.


From design and manufacturing to installation and locker management systems, we provide it all.

Our Intelligent Parcel Lockers are available with either Vgreet or Vdesk parcel management solutions to help you digitise and automate your parcel/post delivery system. 

Features of Intelligent Parcel Lockers

  • Bespoke branded design

  • Touchless workflows

  • Integrated asset management system

  • Vgreet/Vdesk user interface for parcel drop off and pick up

  • Live recipient notifications


Automated Parcel Lockers in your Workplace


We create parcel locker solutions to suit your workplace. We cover internal locations such as:

  • Reception

  • Goods Inwards

  • Mail Room

  • Outdoor

Manage parcel/post deliveries and collections without physical contact



User selects parcel drop off on the Vgreet/Vdesk

Search for recipient via active directory and select

Select appropriate size locker for parcel

Vgreet/Vdesk assigns a locker with confirmation on screen

Assigned parcel locker door is automatically opened

Place parcel in locker and close door

Notification automatically sent to recipient



User selects parcel collection on the Vgreet/Vdesk

Scan RFID card /QR code or enter passcode

Parcel locker automatically opens

Recipient retrieves parcel and closes the door

Benefits of Vpod's Automated Parcel Locker Solution

Cost Benefit

Cut out the manual processes involved with deliveries.

Allow front of house or mail room staff to focus on more vital tasks, increasing your workplace efficiency

Safe Workplace

Minimise contact between staff, couriers and even other staff collecting parcels with the combination of digital lockers and Vgreet/Vdesk's contactless solution.


  • Manage internal accountability and security with a digital asset management system.

  • Collect data on all parcels and post entering and being collected in your building, with easily accessible digital reports.  

If you would like to enquire about our Intelligent Parcel Locker solutions, please click here