Are you experienced?

When a customer’s experience is a frustrating one, they could soon be looking elsewhere. Conversely, if they feel valued — and their experience is positive and frustration-free, they’ll tell everyone.

So it’s important to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to imagine the kind of interactions you would want to see from your business — if you can deliver those kind of experiences, you can start to work towards building relationships that are both rewarding and long-lasting.

A single step

The customer experience doesn’t begin and end with when they click ‘Purchase Now’, it’s a journey that has several key stages.


/Enjoy, Advocate, Bond

Stop saying CX!!!!!, your customers are not algorithms, they are flesh and blood, start treating them as such

Experience the future

Experience is now seen as the main differentiator and focus for business in their next five years.

Experience counts

At the beginning, a customer relationship often revolves around an immediate need. "I want to remortage, so I can release funds to fix up my house".

Pretty easy right? Go on some comparison sites, pick a rate. Job done.

Then? Well it becomes a bit more complicated. How easy was the process? Did you get the rate you wanted? How long did the whole process take? If you spoke to ‘real’ people how easy were they to get a hold of? And how helpful?

This is the true ‘experience’ part of the journey. Get those factors right and people will really bond with your brand as a positive thing. Get them wrong and you might lose a customer for ever — and worse still, word of mouth could deny you any number of potential customers.

Let’s face it every company wants a Trust Pilot review to say “Great service, friendly people to deal with” — “Cheap yes, but what a pain the whole thing was” less so.

Put a smile on your customers’ faces and they’ll be the best advert for your brand you can have.
The customer is always right

From kitchen appliance to personal finance, business is recognising that in increasingly competitive markets, where every transaction can be dissected, posted and broadcast — the customer journey has to reflect what people actually want, rather than an impersonal process that’s imposed on them. 

To do that, companies need to listen to real people — algorithms can only do so much.

Where Vpod fits in

Vpod is helping its customers to talk to their customers like never before. We make conversations personal, information up-to-date and at fingertips and connect people to the best person to help them, right now.

Don’t worry about the tech — it just works. We just want to help your customers to tell you what you could be doing better, and tell the world when you do.

Experience the positive. Contact Vpod today.


Word of mouth is important. A bad experience can be halfway round Twitter before a good one has got its shoes on.

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