Updated: Feb 5

Click the image above to watch the video and find out more about how Vgreet and Vodafone, in partnership with access management system ProxyClick, are streamlining the visitor journeys at their busy buildings.

Vpod was delighted to be asked to attend the Vodafone event The Space We Work In at their Paddington HQ. Vodafone have employed Vgreet at three of its major locations in the UK for 18 months now, so it was a great chance for Vpod to meet actual end-users face-to-face, discuss their challenges and discuss how processes such as visitor registration and alerting hosts can be made even better.

“It was a great opportunity for Vpod to meet the actual hosts who are using Vgreet to register visitors to Vodafone, get their feedback and make sure the system continues to meet their business needs”

— Sam Farrant, MD Vpod Solutions

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