Why Hybrid 30/30 Locker?

Updated: May 27

As we start returning to our workplaces with new routines, we introduced why "hybrid" is the new locker solution. In today's blog, we will continue introducing 3 key features of our hybrid 30/30 locker system. and why we called it 30/30.

1. Flexibility: The multipurpose locker system built for the flexible working world.

Our 30/30 Hybrid Locker System combines all of the features of the traditional workplace locker, in one easy-to-use locker bank. Save space and cost, whilst providing your people with a highly efficient locker experience.

2. Less space and lockers.

Why 30/30?

Hybrid Locker Economics

  • 30% less lockers

  • 30% less space

The economics are compelling. Whilst you save on the amount of locker bank lengths you purchase, the real savings on space outweigh the locker savings by 2:1-3:1.


How do you achieve those locker bank size savings?

For years now, Smart Lockers and software have been giving us data on locker utilisation. Therefore, we know that the “single-use” locker banks for Parcels, IT/Assets and Day lockers run at a maximum of 70% utilisation. With our Hybrid 30/30 locker system, increase your utilisation with easy access from web and hardware booking. In one smart user interface, this locker system for offices makes workflows more efficient, manage chain of custody and availability. The ease of access it provides allows for the ultimate flexibility. Make the locker experience convenient for those that want the office to work for them.


Differentiation from general locker systems:

Have one locker bank with smart locker software and combined workflows:

3. Easy accessibility

Our easy access tools are key to delivering high productivity and an efficient experience. We have four access/booking options:

  • Pre-booking via a simple web browser on a desk or mobile device. Book your locker before you arrive at your destination.

  • Within the locker bank in the device panel (12-inch screens – TZ/Gantner Dimensions).

  • From your corporate App.

  • From you front of house or on-floor Vdesk/Vgreet.

For front of house, goods inwards or post room we have:

  • Vdesk 27" Countertop access and booking options

  • Vgreet Freestanding Kiosk access and booking options


This allows a courier to access a locker bank for a parcel check in, without having to disturb the front of house reception.

As well as the ability to combine locker access for IT teams of Shift workers from a Vgreet front of House terminal add to the versatility of your existing Vgreet or Vdesk.

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