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Updated: Apr 1

What is office 365 visitor management system

An office 365 visitor management system means the software integration of office 365 and your visitor management system.

At the age of using Microsoft Teams or Zoom for working from home, Office 365 software's most powerful email and meetings productivity tool strengthened itself during the pandemic with 100m daily users of teams.

However, few Facilities Managers realise they can dramatically upgrade their visitor management, if, like 85% of Enterprises, they have Office 365. The facilities manager has often equipped himself/herself with tools that help them manage their workplace facilities, one of them Condeco Software integrates deeply into Microsoft.

Most facilities managers use Condeco for either:

  • Meeting Room management

  • Or latterly, Desk Booking Software

Very Few Facilities professionals realise Condeco Software synchronises with Office 365!

So what is synchronisation? And how does this help the Facilities Manager?

  • Those facilities that have both Condeco and Office 365 tend to use them both for creating Meeting Room bookings.

  • Preferring Office 365 for a simple meeting invite and to select a Room (often using the Condeco Outlook Add-in)

  • And Condeco for complex bookings, requiring cleaning, catering, video services and car parking for visitors.

  • Both booking approaches have to synchronise as they both use "Meeting Room Resources" in Office 365.

  • What most facilities teams DO NOT KNOW is as part of that synchronisation the visitor email address is kept in both systems and synchronised.

  • That enables Condeco to produce a crude visitor list for the reception.

That list is useful as it saves staff notifying reception.

However, two companies have worked with Condeco to be able to access that list of visitors:

- Proxyclick visitor management

- Vpod Vgreet visitor management

Now the facilities and IT managers do have to authorise Condeco to "open" their API to let the visitor list data populate their respective systems, but that's an authorisation only.

Microsoft visitor management system = Condeco API integration and Vpod visitor management system

So how does the Condeco API integration by Vpod help facilities managers?

Simple, the integration enables Proxyclick (included in Vgreet at an OEM) to populate its advanced Software and send a stunning invite to the visitor.

The Invite has several attributes that help the visitor:

  • A great Google map for their smartphone with the building highlighted

  • The address for those that don't use Google maps

  • The host details

  • The ability to pre-register and answer self-health certification details

At the bottom is a QR code that Vpod's Vgreet visitor kiosk recognises to enable the visitor check-in in 3 seconds.

That's not all Vpod's Microsoft visitor management system does!

Touchless check-in using a combination of motion sensors and voice recognition.

Along with the other features listed above, the visitors pass prints and you're checked in 3 seconds

  • The Condeco integration advises your room details for your meeting

  • And the Interactive maps how to get there and the floor layout to find amenities

  • In the meantime, your host is told you have arrived via SMS and Email

Hopefully, we'll need the self-health registration for just a few months longer!

However, the $37billion that US folk loose in lost productivity is reduced as you get to your meeting room on time. source: Business Insider

Summary of the Microsoft Office 365 visitor management journey

So here's a quick walk back through the process journey of Microsoft based Office 365 visitor management.

1. Your host books the meeting in office 365

No change required in the IT department

No new Microsoft workflows to learn

The visitor details synch with Condeco

2. The visitor email addresses are in the Outlook invite

The visitor details synch with Condeco

3. The Visitor email addresses in Condeco populate the visitor management log.

Which in turn populates Proxyclick and Vgreet.

4. The visitor invite is generated

The invite includes your companies brand details:

  • Google Maps

  • The host contact details

  • Calendar link

  • QR Code for Express check-in

Everything is ready for their arrival

5. The visitor details have populated the Vgreet Kiosk

6. Vgreet express check-in

The visitor arrives in reception

The motion sensor wakes the screen

The screens defaults to check-in

The voice recognition reacts to the command check-in

You're requested to check-in

You scan your QR Code to check-in

Even with a temperature scan your through in 7 seconds

Your pass is printed

You take it from the Vgreet printer slot

Your host is notified by SMS or Email

The Condeco integration shows you the meeting room you are booked in to on the Vgreet interactive map.

How to get to the room is now easy.

Your Meeting starts on time.

How's that for a truly integrated Visitor Management journey?

You've also impressed your visitor with a unique service.

And save loads of staff time and money!

So how has the Microsoft, Condeco, Proxyclick and Vgreet integration helped our facilities manager?

Firstly, none of the stakeholders in the business has had to change a single Microsoft workflow which will keep them all happy - ie no training required, switch on the integrations and hey presto, your visitor receives a VERY DIFFERENT upgrade experience.

Secondly, your visitor's first impression just transformed, no more reactive delays at front of house, an intuitive journey started with their invite.

Thirdly, your facilities management options just increased dramatically, you can cut the heads behind reception, re-tasking them. Or upgrade one of them to the concierge and re-purpose savings to invest in Vgreet or Condeco and Vgreet depending on your circumstances.

Fourth, stakeholders in your organisation are going to welcome the flexibility of the Microsoft visitor management system:

  • Marketing will appreciate that even the invites are "On Brand"

  • Legal will thank you that every health and safety box can be ticked and audited.

  • Security will thank you for the "visitor blacklist checks" you just happened to be able to implement.

  • Security won't welcome the Access barrier control you can now enable on the visitor pass (upgrade) at first, they'll see risk everywhere, then they'll actively endorse it when they see the control you can design into the system for contractors, visitors, VIP's all capable of different journeys and access control.

  • Human Resources battling with employee return to the office and adding value to the workplace will thank you for the risk of contamination you just removed. However, you just handed them a visible workplace upgrade "A Safer Workplace" that delivers a great message for them to transmit.

  • Human Resources will also thank you for not turning the workplace into a hazard area with tape, screens and signs everywhere, reminiscent of a biohazard lab!

  • Finance will be delighted with the cost reduction and return on investment.

  • Employees will be delighted that their customers now get a reliable repeatable great 1st impression.

If you haven't seen the Video of how Vgreet works it's here

If you haven't seen the Condeco Vpod Integration yet it's here

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