Microsoft Visitor Management using office 365

Updated: Jun 7

Few Facilities Managers realise they can significantly upgrade their visitor management if they have Office 365! In today's blog, we will cover what is Microsoft visitor management and how does it work with the following topics:

What is Office 365 Visitor Management system

An Office 365 Visitor Management System means the software integration of office 365 and your visitor management system.

At the age of using Microsoft Teams or Zoom for working from home, Office 365 software's most powerful email and meetings productivity tool strengthened itself during the pandemic with 100m daily users of teams.

However, few Facilities Managers realise they can dramatically upgrade their visitor management, if, like 85% of Enterprises, they have Office 365. The facilities manager has often equipped himself/herself with tools that help them manage their workplace facilities, one of them Condeco Software integrates deeply into Microsoft.

Most facilities managers use Condeco for either:

  • Meeting Room management

  • Or latterly, Desk Booking Software

Do you know Office 365 is a powerful tool for visitor management?

The Feature is called Condeco exchange sync - Capturing 100% of visitor details entered in Microsoft Office 365 or their meeting room booking system.

  • Those facilities that have both Condeco and Office 365 tend to use them both for creating Meeting Room bookings.

  • Preferring Office 365 for a simple meeting invite and to select a Room (often using the Condeco Outlook Add-in)

  • And Condeco for complex bookings, requiring cleaning, catering, video services and car parking for visitors.

  • Both booking approaches have to synchronise as they both use "Meeting Room Resources" in Office 365.

  • What most facilities teams DO NOT KNOW is as part of that synchronisation the visitor email address is kept in both systems and synchronised.

  • That enables Condeco to produce a crude visitor list for the reception.

That list is useful as it saves staff notifying reception.

Microsoft visitor management system = Condeco API integration and Vpod visitor management system

Benefits of Microsoft visitor management system

1. A simple, branded meeting invite straight from you Outlook

The simple email iInvite has several attributes that help the visitor:

  • A great Google map for their smartphone with the building highlighted

  • The host details

  • The ability to pre-register visitors and complete self-health certification

  • At the bottom is a QR code that Vpod's Vgreet visitor management kiosk recognises to enable the visitor check-in in 3 seconds.


BUT That's not all Vpod's Microsoft visitor management system does!

2. Touchless features to streamline Visitor Check In

Touchless check-in using a combination of facial recognition, motion sensors, temperature screening, and voice recognition.

Along with the other features listed above, the visitors pass prints and you're checked in 3 seconds

  • The Condeco integration advises your room details for your meeting

  • And the Interactive maps how to get there and the floor layout to find amenities

  • In the meantime, your host is told you have arrived via SMS and Email

3. A Visitor Experience upgrade

Every visitor type's experience can be customised and catered for every enterprise-grade need and can be accommodated with ease. Upgrading your visitor's experience by partners that are best in class, giving you the ability to scale and stay at the forefront of each respective fields.

Features of Microsoft Office 365 visitor management system

So here's a quick walkthrough of the process of Microsoft based Office 365 visitor management.

1. Meeting host books the meeting in office 365

No change required in the IT department

No new Microsoft workflows to learn

The visitor details synch with Condeco

2. The visitor email addresses are in the Outlook invite

The visitor details synch with Condeco


3. The Visitor email addresses in Condeco populate the visitor log.

Which in turn populates Proxyclick and Vgreet visitor management system.

4. A branded meeting invite

The invite includes your companies brand details:

Everything is ready for their arrival

5. The visitor details have populated the Vgreet's kiosk

6. Touchless check-in

The visitor arrives at reception

The motion sensor wakes the screen

The screens defaults to check-in

The voice recognition reacts to the command check-in

You're requested to check-in

7. QR Code check-in

A QR code is scanned to check in followed up with a temperature scan your through in 7 seconds

8. Visitor Pass

Your pass is printed

You take it from the Vgreet printer slot

9. Automatic client arrival notification

Your host is notified by SMS or Email

10. Show your direction to the meeting room

$37billion was lost in unproductive meetings! Vgreet visitor managment system shows you the meeting room you are booked in to on an interactive map.

How to get to the meeting room without getting lost is now easy!

Your Meeting starts on time.

How's that for a truly integrated Visitor Management journey?

You've also impressed your visitor with a unique service.

And save loads of staff time and money!