Saving Cost with Vgreet Visitor Management System

Updated: Jun 2

In today's blog, we will cover Vgreet visitor management system's cost and how it saves the cost for different types of receptions. However, installing a Vgreet is not just about cutting cost, but to make the process for both visitors and employees easier and way better. Let me show you how.

Why do we need visitor management NOW?

Let's start at a basic premise "Covid has accelerated a lot of change". Then look at the impact on the workplace, work styles will transform and the workplace will have to adapt to:

  • Fixed office workers

  • Fixed home workers

  • Hybrid workers - working in the office, home and near office

The bulk will be the hybrid worker See the FT The BBC and there's a chilling foresight delivered by Forrester Research

“Work culture and employee experience have changed forever, whether we like it or not, making those CIOs who can seamlessly enable new experiences a beacon for talent,” wrote Forrester Research in its 2021 CIO predictions. “At companies that don’t deliver great experiences, employees will walk or, worse, stay and underperform.”

Vgreet Visitor Management System

So here's Why Vgreet visitor management system exists "to transform the visitor and employee experience from reactive to intuitive"

Intuitive expectation flawed delivery model

Our first insistence was that visitor could be delivered a less reactive and more intuitive experience and that the model of highly volatile visitor traffic and fixed numbers of the reception staff was fundamentally flawed.

"It just cannot deliver a consistent experience, let alone and intuitive one, without some digital assistance."


Visitor Management Systems - Current market offerings at a very high level

We looked at the current Visitor Management offerings:

  • Software only

  • Ipad/app variants

  • Software vendors that started in something else and strayed into the visitor management

  • Kiosks that were not integrated

Without listing them all, they all had drawbacks at a high level:

  • They didn't deliver the full experience from door to floor.

  • They didn't integrate with the buildings other systems and complement them, such as access control

  • They didn't deal with fundamental requirements, like touchless safety.

  • They relied on a manned presence - that could not deal with huge fluctuations in traffic. and therefore was designed to have inconsistent service delivery.

  • They stopped partway through the process, "like at electronic visitor sign-in system".

  • They weren't customisable, either from a module point of view, adding element/modules.

  • Or from a journey and changing circumstance point of view.

  • Nor they didn't compliment the more ambitious journey door to desk or door to room/desk.

So we elected to tackle all of those shortcomings, by adopting two fundamental approaches:

How much does a visitor management system cost?

With our unique leasing option, Vgreet visitor management system's price starts from £1239/ month.

Instead of just discussing the visitor management system cost, let's look at the Vgreet value proposition against manned, unmanned, single reception or multiple staff in front of house offerings.


Compare to a receptionist in London costs up to £4200 a year, Vgreet visitor management system costs £1700 for its integrated system which does much more than a receptionist.

We have a new ROI tool that can tackle every client situation, however, the fundamental starter was to deliver two models:

  • Capex and License model

  • Operating Cost - Opex model

The fundamentals being to start with a value that was more efficient than the staffed model that predominantly delivers today the enterprise front of house solution.

Option 1 - Multiple people - staffed reception

Option 2 - Single person Reception

Option 3 - Unmanned

1. Multiple people - staffed reception

Hard to predict the savings as staffing numbers and therefore coverage costs for sickness, training, holidays vary depending on the individual staff numbers involved.

If you take the situation of a 6 person reception team requiring 6 months of holiday, training coverage, Vgreet's visitor management system's cost could save £4200 per person (including coverage) run to 60% a month!

That's not the end as cost alone is a myopic measure, the increase in efficiency at peak times is huge as you add 172,000 visitors capacity a month per Vgreet, so PEAK TRAFFIC suddenly becomes something you can cope with, with ease. (assuming you don't check people in at peak efficiency, every 3 secs, 8 hours and day for 20 days a month)

Nice numbers

  • 60% cost savings on coverage

  • 172,000 extra visitor capacity

  • 1p a visitor, for extra capacity

  • Month 1 savings

The high-level business case numbers are compelling on their own, however, then add a huge lift in visitor experience and a "visible safety initiative" to communicate to employees on the return to the office and the move to digital visitor management becomes just common sense.

Read more about which solution suits your reception

2. Single Person Reception

Hard to predict the savings as staffing costs are different per city involved.

If you take the situation of a single person receptionist in London costing at a base salary £2666 a month then the visitor management system price's minimum savings on a Vgreet basic model of £1700 a month is £934 (excluding coverage) working out to 36% a month in London and just under 15% in the provinces!

However, the gain here is not just the cost of the system

  • Peace of Mind is key to a busy facilities manager and by definition, a process relying on one person has a single point of failure, which is removed by inserting a digital visitor management system.

  • Consistent Experience at peak traffic times with a touchless 3 second check-in time, surges in visitor traffic are no issue.

  • Safety - removing a member of staff from visitor contact is one safety measure, however adding psychological safety to every visitor and employee is key by inserting touchless check-in, self-health surveys, decongesting reception areas you're making a huge statement that employee and visitor safety comes first. On the reverse, by doing nothing you're making the reverse statement.

  • Amplifying visitor experience with every visitor getting a branded pass, with google maps, host contact details you elevate your visitor experience from a "reactive reception" full of manual processes, to an intuitive touchless 3-second check-in.

Nice numbers

  • 15-36% savings on coverage

  • 172,000 extra visitor capacity

  • 1p a visitor, for extra capacity

  • Month 1 savings

Read more about which solution suits single person reception

3. Unmanned

Unmanned reception areas are a little more tangential in the savings department as:

  • Productivity - Someone is greeting visitors who are at this present time exposing themselves to huge personal risk but equally wasting their own time because greeting visitors properly 24/7 is not deemed a priority.

  • Security every Vgreet has a camera that can be remotely accessed by the security team enable remote monitoring and therefore centralised security savings.

  • Spoke model - however, if you're looking at a larger or increased visitor traffic, employee traffic at what was a smaller branch office, now is the time to upgrade from "amateur hour" and avoid the cost of a receptionist.

Read more about which solution suits unmanned reception

Vgreet Visitor Management System at lower cost and better experience

4. Leasing options

Vgreet visitor management system's cost now starts from £1,499 per month with our leasing options. We are proud to offer a finance provision through one of the UK’s largest independent business finance houses, Propel Finance, to help your visitors and employees return to the office safely.

Read more about Vgreet Leasing

What exactly does Vgreet deliver?


1. Office 365 Integration

Firstly the ability to integrate with Office 365 and Condeco Software to remove manual keying of visitor details, ie they are imported from the original outlook invite with the visitor email addresses.


Secondly, your visitor management system allows Visitor pre-registration to start at a branded invite that

  • Google maps link to work out their journey - less chance of getting lost

  • And address for those that want to use Uber/taxi - organised and efficient

  • Host photo to recognize the host if you haven’t met before - derisk the 1st meeting

  • Host contact details in case you late or early for coffee - courtesy

  • A QR code for 3 second check-in

Whilst they are the visitor benefits, the organisation benefits are substantial

  • You get to reinforce your brand on the invite - marketing will be happy

  • Customise any surveys - get instant consistent feedback

  • Collect self-health data - to satisfy legal / HR and Health and Safety obligations

Essentially tackling the increased administration burden upfront whilst maintaining the ability to adapt and customised visitor workflows and journeys, yourself.

Thirdly, Check-in is transformed from reactive at reception to touchless:


More Options come into play:


2. Meeting Rooms & Desks

Vgreet visitor management system benefits both employee and visitors with its software integration with Condeco meeting room and desk booking software.

  • Condeco Software customers can deliver Meeting room details and navigation via the map.

  • The room details and directions can be sent to your mobile for onsite wayfinding.

  • Employees can book both Meeting Rooms and Desks on demand.

  • Manage your meetings and visitors all in the same system, saving manual processes and improve workplace efficiency.


3. Onsite Help - Exec PA's on Demand

Vgreet's Video Link service, originally developed for Video Banking clients now connects to Moneypenny's 800 Executive PA's who can:

  • With a simple voice command "help" extend your front of house services with digital receptionists

  • Unlimited PA's are available on a "minutes required" model

  • As such your front of house team, whilst remote now, just became elastic in capacity.


  • The PA's

  • Access your Vgreet system and deal with any ad hoc services

  • Checking clients in

  • Dealing with unregistered visitors

  • Connecting visitors to on-demand services

  • Essentially do everything an onsite front of house team member would be expected to do


The model of per-minute billing suddenly enables a number of options to come into play:

  • Centralising a reception team offsite

  • Creating a low-cost answer for previously unmanned receptions

  • Creating elastic overflow for peak periods of visitor traffic

  • Creating additional resource to support single reception team members


Does free visitor management system exist? If so, does it deliver the best visitor experience with many other benefits for your workplace?

Research shows that a free visitor management system does not exist, an visitor management solution should be capable of providing advanced visitor management features and take care of your end to end visitor journey. The cost of not having a visitor management system is a far more important topic.

We believe taking a visitor management system's cost into consideration is not only about how much we money we will spend or save, it is also to calculate the benefits and experience you can bring to your workplace.

In summary, you have saved cost, but you now have

  • A new experience level to provide visitors

  • A better elastic service configuration for every reception type

  • Safer reception service for returning employees and visitors alike

  • A lower-cost solution that is digital efficiency with the bulk of labour-intensive processes removed

  • A higher level of front of house efficiency

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