Visitor Management Procedures and The Connected Workplace

Updated: Nov 16

Why is visitor management important?

Managing visitors is important as it improves the customer journey and workplace efficiency. Visitor management includes:

  • Automates the entire visitor management procedure to assist visitors

  • Wow first impression

  • Frustration-free visitor journey

  • Enhance workplace efficiency

  • Save cost of receptionists

The visitor management procedures in a connected workplace:

(Meeting Scheduling)

Step 1. Microsoft Exchange: Meeting booking

Step 2. Condeco: Exchange sync

Step 3. Visitor Invitation

Step 4. Vpod Vgreet

Step 5. Relogix Analytics

(Arrival and check-in)

Step 6. Vgreet Touchless Check-in

Step 7. QR Code 7-second Check-in

Step 8. Pass Printing/ Security Access

Step 9. Host Check-in Notification (SMS or Email)

Step 10. Meeting Room Wayfinding

The Connected Workplace Concept

It’s a simple but vital concept: on grid or off grid.

Many Facilities Managers and building operators are plagued by unconnected visitor management software:

  • Microsoft Outlook - every meeting in Office 365 has a meeting host and the guests.

  • In an “Off Grid” unconnected workplace that data sits there serving no real purpose, except the meeting attendees, who may not know how to get to the building or how to access the meeting room.

  • Worse, in the current pandemic climate, visitors have no idea if the building is COVID-19 safe, how long it’s going to take to access the building, or what processes they should follow when they arrive.

  • In an “On Grid” connected workplace, multiple visitor management systems connect and inform each other, making the workplace intuitive, informed and intelligent.

How does it work?

Visitor management best practices: The Connected Workplace

Is your workplace “Off Grid?”

The visitor management connected workplace in a typical Microsoft Office 365 Teams oriented workplace will serve to illustrate “Off and On Grid” in the connected workplace. Today in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the acceleration of the world into the future, as if someone pushed the “fast forward button”. Today’s workplace is challenged at the very root; do we need a physical workplace?

Barclays boss: Big offices 'may be a thing of the past'

Barclays boss: “Big Offices with 7,000 people may be a thing of the past”

We doubt it however, one thing is for sure, they’ll be different!

Four Challenges

With the huge accelerated shift to home working and remote meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams equivalents, people are questioning the need for the physical office and more how large those offices should be; will we see smaller satellite offices?

Right now, companies are learning to survive the environment that the pandemic has delivered:

  • Business Continuity - Keeping the company and its employees productive is key. Looking forward that means not just home working; satellite offices and making HQ fit for functioning as an office should be a key priority.

  • Visitor Management - The first touchpoint when visiting a building is key. Questions about touchless procedures, employee safety in reception, decongesting the reception to enable safe distancing and track and trace are likely to be endless. However, there are two fundamentally different approaches towards visitor management process. The short-term approach that involves tape, signs and screens is temporary, costly and has the additional advantage of re-assuring every employee and visitor that the workplace is not safe. The long-term visitor management approach involves getting technology to help with pre-registering visitors, screening and self-certification on arrival, express check-in with contactless and touchless processes, all with minimised transit times.

  • A Safe Workplace - Desks that are safely distanced, with desk-booking becoming the norm to capture track and trace data and enable sanitisation after every new desk occupant. Vendor management of this process re-assures the cleaning processes and the ability to “self-manage” the floor layout, with spaces available in the event of changing guidelines or an incident.

  • Pandemic Management - Organisations must deliver clear communication to key workers and employees as to what to expect when they arrive to work. The communication must deliver a strong message of psychological safety and wellbeing, with people at the core, whilst observing government guidelines.

You’ll be relieved to know we’ll point you at some safe options for dealing with all four in the next section.

Tough Challenges

The Facilities Manager and Covid-19 committee are struggling to handle four conflicting objectives, which to make matters more interesting, change with every government guideline.

For Microsoft Office 365 clients (80%+ of Enterprises) there is a fantastic option available that can connect workplaces, making them “On Grid”. At the same time delivering a far better ‘visitor management safe’ environment through visitor management software.

Microsoft - Exchange and Room Directory has the ability to schedule meetings, understand resources like people and rooms and meet with the all-important Azure cloud based, Teams virtual meeting service. Coupled together, these options create a powerful set but siloed approach. For example, if an employee books a meeting in outlook, who knows whether they require space, a Teams connection, and more importantly how people have they invited? The employee is left to their own devices and that’s not exactly corporate responsibility at its best.

Condeco - Connect in the Microsoft Marketplace and like all ecosystem partners, fix seemingly little problems that enable you to allocate resources properly. Taking the example of a meeting room booking the options and advantages, as well as dealing with safe distancing and sanitisation, Condeco takes care of it. Condeco adds attributes to the meeting room that Microsoft do not store or understand in “Room Directories” such as: seat distances, floor plans, room capacities, attendees, touchless room check-in with RFID, cleaning and sanitisation.

Condeco - Every meeting booking has a list of attendees and the old “off grid” method was for the system to figure out which of these were coming to the building and tell reception. The “On Grid” connected method is Condeco which has all of the visitors from the meeting invite authorised, the passes those details to a visitor management software, like Vpod or Proxyclick, saving the need for any manual “off grid” systems that are prone to error and immediately delivering a powerful “on grid advantage” pre-registration. Condeco’s unique exchange sync product enables all resources in Microsoft to be updated but adds all these features and more, simply allowing you to organise a meeting in Microsoft or Condeco (APP, browser, kiosk, outlook add-in) and keep both systems updated in real time.

Imagine if a system combined visitor management software and knew all your visitors before they arrived and enabled you to deliver a touchless, contactless express check-in and track and trace at the same time?

On Grid Visitor management procedures

Visitor management software procedures
  • Office 365: Visitor data populating visitor management system

  • Condeco’s Exchange Sync ensures all exchange data is accurate.

  • Condeco’s visitor APi feeds Proxyclick and Vpod visitor management software automatically.

  • No fingers involved.

A better intuitive, safer visitor journey.
  • You can brand and customise the invite, however, Proxyclick have made an art form of this which has loads of basic functionality but the first impression you get as a visitor is WOW, this looks organised and different.

  • Before you get to the meeting you have your map and address on the invite, so if you haven’t been there before, the dread of ‘am I at the right place?’ is swiftly removed from your mind.

  • The ability to add the calendar invite to your diary is a click away.

  • A single click and if anything goes wrong you can deal with it in one call. But it doesn’t stop there.

What 1st impression are you making?

A WOW 1st impression starts here!

1. Your visitor gets everything they need

2. You have just created a great 1st impression.

Whilst the hosts picture hints at more, his/her details are the next thing to hand in case an SMS or call are needed or just a photo so you recognise them if you haven’t met them before.

To improve your visitor management software and deliver the best practices, decongest your reception, minimise staff contact and ensure a touchless check-in, a QR code with all the details can be scanned on arrival.

Enter Vpod who deliver the next part of the “On Grid” solution.

Why not wow your visitors?

Now it’s time to really impress your visitors! The invite includes:

  • Host details they can save

  • Calendar invite to add the meeting to their diary

  • Location/travel details

  • A QR code for express check-in

  • Useful information for the visit

Your visitor arrives, are pre-registered in the visitor management software and are just a QR Code scan away from checking in.

How does Vpod impress your visitors?

Imagine a 6-foot iPhone that’s got all your visitor information in, that’s “On Grid” visitor management software and that’s Vgreet. Your visitor approaches the Vgreet and motion detectors cue in the first question: “want to check-in?” a simple yes and the scanner lights up.

Scan your QR code and three things happen simultaneously; your host gets told you have arrived, you have a check-in picture taken, and a temperature scan or self-certification takes place (tailored customised check-in procedures are the default).

The impact is instant and it doesn’t end there for the connected “On Grid” visitor management procedures, visitor management best practices includes:

Visitor management self certification delivered

Motion detectors, Voice Recognition and QR Code Scanner deliver your Contactless Express Check-in

A WOW experience that’s safe and efficient.

A WOW experience that doesn’t include floor tape, screens and signs.

Vpod provides a range of services, from visitor management, traffic and weather, to “On Grid Integrations” like Condeco room and desk booking.

The room integration with Condeco prompts the user and then asks what room and area of the building they need to be. It then provides the details and a wayfinding map. The details are also sent to mobile in case they are needed later.


The Connected Workplace delivers all four challenges at once and the integrations between Condeco, Proxyclick and Vpod are live today, to see them demonstrated at ISE February 2020 CLICK HERE.

We have discussed the visitor management best practices including:

  • Automates the entire visitor management procedures to assist visitors

  • Wow first impression

  • Frustration-free visitor journey

  • Enhance workplace efficiency

  • Save cost of receptionists

Ultimately, through Vpod's visitor management procedures to upgrade to a connected workplace with a contactless visitor management software that demonstrates visible workplace safety upgrades and a WOW first impression can be delivered and communicated to your team and visitors.

Business continuity is also guaranteed without the costs of the short-term tape, screens and signs - with a huge ROI from staff who can be repurposed and cleaning costs that can be managed through occupancy-based cleaning.

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