Visitor management: Should technology replace people?

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When it comes to visitor management, how can we strike a balance between technology and people to deliver the best visitor experience? We often hear that:

  • Digital visitor management systems eradicates people

  • Or Customers clinging to people intensive, costly, manual processes

The reality is, the answer is a blend of the two.


A digital relationship with employees and visitors is key

  • Delivering safety features like Touchless processes

  • For visitors, their experiences are upgraded to Express check-in

  • For HR and Legal, compliance is upgraded through digitally pre-registering visitors

  • For Real Estate, improve efficiency by making a visitor's 1st impression powerful and favourable

  • Let alone communicating a safer workplace to employees

  • So how efficient is digitalising the visitor management process? With visitor pre-registration, a visitor management kiosk can check-in 2800 visitors a day

  • A reactive reception, reacting to who turns up with manual processes, can only handle up to 240 visitors a day (If they can process 30 visitors per hour)

  • If I'm an employee coming to the building, I want a slick process when I'm coming to meet people.

  • How I feel greeted, part of the company family, is important to me

  • "Did someone, anyone give a dam?"

The pandemic has reinforced though that People need other People, now more than ever.

Reception staff is CRUCIAL to the best visitor experience

  • We recommend not just taking the efficiencies as cost savings but redeploying staff and retraining them.

  • Upgrading them to provide a full meet and greet service, out from behind the desk.

  • And complimenting them with an elastic people resource available through Vgreet visitor management system and Moneypenny digital exec PA's

6 Tips to help front desk staff deliver the best visitor management using technology

How do we help staff deliver the best service? Here are 6 simple tips.

1. Remove manual repetitive boring tasks, move them from manual to digital.

Receptionists' tasks could be repetitive, studies have shown that receptionist' performance can be improved if they were given more meaningful jobs. Technology comes into visitor management to help employees find a fit between their values and your organisation's goals and delivering meaningful jobs, they are more likely to be loyal, service oriented, and high performers.

2. Add Visitor Pre-registration

Visitor management systems remove manual tasks through its visitor pre-registration feature:

  • Visitor registration

  • Check-in validation tasks

  • Photo ID validation

  • Viewing compliance videos

  • Completing Self Health Surveys

All can be done before visitor's arrival.

3. Enable automatic host notification

Remove the process of manually notifying your host, searching for the host in the building to tell them their guest is here.

4. A proactive meet and greet service

Promote your front desk staff from reactive reception work to proactive meet and greet service, the human touch instead of the repetitive manual tasks that covers up for systems that don't talk to each other.

5. People and technology

A good mix of people and technology compliments visitor management systems and enhances its digital service delivery.

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