Making parcel delivery more efficient than ever

Updated: May 27

In today's blog, we will introduce the growing market of parcel delivery lockers in the post-pandemic world and how they can benefit businesses to reduce cost and upgrade workplace safety. The topics include:

  1. Introduction of Parcel Delivery Lockers

  2. Why locker parcel delivery become so popular now?

  3. Which area is suitable for parcel lockers in my building?

  4. How does parcel delivery locker work?

  5. 4 key benefits of parcel lockers

What is Parcel Delivery Lockers?


Parcel Delivery Lockers are an autonomous container technology that are an efficient and convenient tool to deliver, receive and return parcels. The induction of smart technology has allowed parcel lockers to curate an improved experience for end-users.

Parcel lockers can accept deliveries from any courier and store them safely until they are picked up. With 24/7 access and click and collect services, people are no longer faced with the challenge of missing a delivery and can get their parcels at a convenient time and in a convenient place.

Why locker parcel delivery become so popular now?

With the rise of e-commerce during the Covid-19 pandemic, there has never been a busier time for parcel delivery. There are three forces driving the growth of parcel delivery lockers:

Time spent on facilitating parcels


During the pandemic, the high growth rate of e-commerce propelled the need for a smart solution to manage delivered parcels across multi-tenant buildings, offices, commercial buildings. Traditional parcel deliveries often involved disrupting the workflow; where front of house staff would be interrupted by a courier person in order to intercept a delivery.

With Vpod’s Automated Parcel Lockers, both front of house staff can continue with their tasks and couriers can make their deliveries and quickly be on their way.

Touch-free parcel deliveries

Without saying, avoiding contact with parcel handlers has driven the demand for locker parcel deliveries. From dropping off the parcels to collecting them, front desk staff, delivery agents, and recipients can all maintain a safe social distancing.

Which area is suitable for parcel lockers in my building?

Parcel Delivery Lockers are suitable for areas such as:

  • Reception

  • Goods Inwards

  • Mail Room

  • Outdoor

How does parcel delivery locker work?

1. Delivering Parcels to Lockers

For couriers, delivering parcels to lockers is quick and easy. They can:

  1. Select drop off on the Vgreet/Vdesk interface

  2. Search for recipient via active directory and select

  3. Select appropriate size locker for the parcel

  4. Vgreet/Vdesk assigns a locker with confirmation on screen

  5. The assigned locker door is automatically opened

  6. Place parcel in locker and close door

  7. Notification automatically sent to the recipient

  8. Collecting/Sending Parcels from Lockers


2. Collecting/Sending Parcels from Lockers

Collecting parcels has never been easier. The recipient/end-user will get notified once they received a parcel and it is waiting in an allocated locker. They will also receive a QR code or password that will be used to unlock the parcel locker. The users can then:

  1. Select drop off on the Vgreet/Vdesk interface if they are sending a parcel

  2. Scan RFID card /QR code or enter passcode

  3. Parcel locker automatically opens

  4. Recipient retrieves parcel and closes the door


4 key benefits of parcel lockers

Comparing general courier delivery and locker parcel delivery clearly demonstrates the cost-efficiency of parcel lockers. ‘Last mile delivery’- getting a parcel from the warehouse to the customer doorstep is the most expensive logistics activity. Parcel lockers have a high potential to save cost on things such as failed delivery attempts and the manual work involved in receiving parcels.

Employees will feel the advantages of smart parcel locker technology as they no longer have to worry about missed deliveries or wrong addresses. They can easily click and collect their parcels and get back to work - therefore increasing their efficiency.

Features of parcel lockers

With Vpod smart parcel locker solution, we deliver 4 key benefits:

1. Reduce Costs

  • Remove tedious manual processes involved with deliveries.

  • Increasing your workplace efficiency by allowing front of house or mailroom staff to focus on more vital tasks.

  • Monthly leasing.

2. A Safer Workplace

  • Parcel lockers minimise the contact between staff, couriers and even other staff collecting parcels with the combination of digital lockers and Vgreet/Vdesk's contactless solution.

  • Click and Collect capability. The customer can pick up their goods after they've been purchased on their own terms and without any hassle.

3. Accountability

  • Manage internal accountability and security with a digital asset management system.

  • Collect data on all parcels and post entering and being collected in your building, with easily accessible digital reports.

4. Design & Sustainable Manufacturing

With Vpod, we work closely with Ruppel because of their high-quality craftsmanship and their commitment to sustainability. With a wide selection of different materials to choose from, cutting-edge engineering and highly skilled technicians – Ruppel offers superior value at a fair price.

Their Central European location ensures that they commit to a short supply lead time of 4 weeks so that your people can start using their lockers as soon as they are welcomed back into their new, smart office.

These lockers also are available with either Vgreet or Vdesk parcel management solutions to help you to completely digitise your parcel/post delivery system.


In the post-pandemic world, parcel delivery lockers with 24/7 access and click and collect services help to overcome the challenge of missing a delivery, inefficient handling process, and bring 4 key benefits to the business: Cost-benefit, Workplace safety, Accountability with Sustainable manufacturing.

Why invest in lockers if they are not intelligent? Introducing Hybrid locker solution

  • We have a management level of software that controls the lockers and Integrations.

  • One solution that controls the three different workflows for Parcels, Assets and Day lockers.

  • Maximum flexibility: The multipurpose locker system built for the flexible working world.

  • 30% less lockers, 30% less space

  • Easy accessibility: Users book or access lockers from hardware that's either built into the locker bank or stand alone, or a web browser that gives access to the folk booking in advance

Download the Vpod Parcel Locker brochure here

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