Vpod fleet solutions deal with every reception use case

Which Vpod visitor management system works best for your organisation?

Vpod now have a solution for every reception configuration:

  • Multi-person where removing manual processes is key 

  • Single person where digital efficiency helps relieve pressure

  • Unmanned or security only - where you still want a visitor to feel special\

  • Multi Tenant where you want the main and tenant receptions to be linked

Core to Vpod's products is digital efficiency in two directions:

  • Visitor workflows

  • Integration to workplace compliment technology like room and desk booking 

Multi-Person Receptions

In receptions with multiple front of house staff, the normal model is

a static number of staff and a fluctuating, volatile level of visitor traffic. 

With Vgreet you can:

  • Control costs - remove "the excess" needed for staff shifts to cover peaks in traffic.

  • Improve efficiency - move visitors through reception efficiently with 3-second express check-in to avoid congestion.

  • Better visitor experience - impress visitors with a speedy check-in process and ensure meetings start on time, every time.

  • Create a safe workplace - enable touchless check-in and repurpose front of house staff to a back office location to avoid contamination risk. 

Prices start from £2,019 (per unit per month)

Visitor management system welcome screen

Single-Person Receptions


In receptions with one member of staff, single receptionist, there is a single point of failure. 

With variable reception service delivery due to the varied nature of traffic. 

Worst still - a huge additional cost for staff cover/relief and replacement. 

With Vdesk you can:

  • Transform your visitor journey - provide a great first impression for visitors, whilst moving them through reception efficiently and safely. 

  • Improve productivity - remove tedious manual processes from the receptionist and allow them to focus on necessary tasks and providing a great service. 

  • Increase efficiency - have an on-demand digital receptionist to cover visitor traffic 24hrs a day.

  • Create a safe workplace - move single receptionists to a back office and allow Vdesk to manage the majority of visitor check-in and queries. 

Prices start from £1,239 (per unit per month)


Un-manned Receptions

Where integration isn't necessary and cost effectiveness is key whilst maintaining a standard visitor management approach. 


There is little doubt that unmanned receptions provide a great opportunity for improvement.


A lack of reception management will deliver a negative message to your visitors and may harm your first impression and brand reputation. 

With an iPad and Proxyclick Visitor Management you can:

  • Be ready for visitors - provide a great first impression for visitors, whilst moving them through reception efficiently and safely. 

  • Increase efficiency - track visitor flow via Proxyclick's visitor logs and use this information to improve internal processes. 

  • Improve productivity - make life easier for your employees by automating your visitor arrival process. 

Prices start from £399 (per unit per month)


Multi-Tenant Receptions

Got a busy multi-tenant reception with volatile visitor traffic levels and static receptionist levels?


With a Main Reception Vgreet

and a Tenant Floor Vdesk approach you can:

  • Standardise the whole visitor journey

  • De-congest reception - help tenants provide a great first impression for all  visitors, whilst moving them through reception efficiently and safely.

  • Manage costs - recover the cost of implementing a visitor management system through tenant service charges - Whilst not compromising on the visitor service and perception.

Prices start from £2,499 (per month)


We have developed a set of tools to aid business case sign off:

  • A simple traditional v digital customer journey comparison

  • A efficiency guide to determine the digital efficiency impact

  • A Business case summary what improvement will you achieve

  • A staff and visitor efficiency and productivity impact

      One of our efficiency analyst can take you through them in 15-30 minutes ​