Vdesk  Visitor Sign in System

Vdesk visitor sign-in system takes care of the entire visitor management process, removing manual processes and leaving reception staff to focus on providing visitors with a warm welcome. 

Why Vdesk Visitor Management?

Although a popular choice, Apple and Android tablet devices have limitations:

  • Suffer from screen burn

  • Can't manage integrations with other systems

  • Have no upgrade path

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Provide a first-class visitor experience with a Vdesk visitor sign in system.

Benefits of Vdesk Digital Visitor Sign In System 



your visitor journey

  •  Instal pre-registration to remove manual administration 

  • Move your visitor perception from expecting the standard, to expecting a digital journey and a  transformation of their experience. 

Starting with a WOW first impression:

  • A branded email sent to the visitor containing a map and directions

  • Enable the visitor to add their appointment details to their smart device calendar

  • See Host’s details in the invite in case visitors need to contact them

  • The invite also contains the host’s photo so the visitor knows who they are meeting

  • Google Map directions help to find the meeting location

  • Pre-screening – send visitors registration documents such as NDAs or Health and Safety information to sign prior to arrival

  • Self-health checks – provide visitors with a health questionnaire to complete before their arrival


Creating a WOW first impression

Switch Arrival from mundane to Touchless Express Check-in 

  • The Vdesk visitor sign-in system welcomes guests as soon as they arrive

  • Voice recognition enables a completely touchless process  

  • Express Check-in  is delivered using a QR code the visitor scan on arrival

  • The Visitor passes print automatically

  • Host is auto-notified of their visitors arrival via SMS / Email or other preferred method.

  • Vdesk Plus carries the latest Face-to-face video concierge via Moneypenny Exec PA's

  • For the Facilities or Corporate Real Estate team this delivers a decongested reception capable of adapting to any visitor volumes in a truly elastic fashion.  


Meetings start on time, every time

Locating the meeting room

  • For those operating escorted guests policies - the invite carries the host's photo allowing easy recognition.

  • The express check-in functionality lowers the risk of any reception congestion so meetings start on time

Advanced Features ​

  • Our room booking integration advises the visitor of room details and directions via interactive maps

  • Desk Booking integration enables employees or visitors to provision desks in perfect safety

  • The Interactive maps feature enables every visitor to navigate to points of interest easily, saving time

  • We integrate as a policy with any smart buildings systems that enhance either the visitor experience or increase visitor management digital efficiency

Vdesk Visitor Sign in System Advanced Features


Permit secure access through turnstiles & entry/exit points


Room & desk booking integrations


Live face-to-face video help from external executive PA’s


Digital Lockers

Automated smart lockers for employees and visitors


Data Analytics

Capture data to monitor, plan and improve your process

How Can Vdesk Visitor Sign In System Help

Find out how Vdesk visitor sign in system benefits your strategic objectives. 


Vdesk Leasing Options Now Available

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Three-year leasing options now available for those wishing to purchase Vdesk visitor sign in system, in partnership with Propel Finance, a leading UK asset finance provider.

Leasing options offer a new way for customers to pay for their Vdesk, while seeing an instant return on investment in their business.

Finance subject to status. T&Cs apply.


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