Vgreet Visitor Management System

Revolutionary workplaces

Vgreet visitor management system is the key to an intuitive, connected workplace.  


Not just a visitor sign-in system, Vgreet takes care of the entire visitor management process, leaving front of house staff to focus on providing visitors with a warm welcome. 

Touchless check-in kiosk, a digital receptionist help service, Microsoft room booking integrations and much more, Vgreet visitor management software provide an end-to-end visitor management solution for your organisation.

Vgreet Features

Reengineer Visitor Management

  • Enable a hosts to send a unique invite

  • Software integrations

  • Carry your brand and their map to get to your building

  • Book a meeting room, request catering

  • Register visitor details and inform front of house

  • Pre-registration invite that complete your check-in processes in advance, review documents before your meeting, saving time.​​

  • Motion sensor detects your arrival

  • Voice activation enables touchless check-in

  • Pre-registration QR code to check-in within 3 seconds.

  • Visitor id badge system for visitor pass printing

Other features:

New​ Features:

 2. Express Touchless Check-in Kiosk

1. Efficient digital background operations​

3. Host communication

  • Remove the reception team from notifying hosts

  • Auto notify the host by SMS or Email the instant the visitor checks in

  • Give responsibility to hosts, not Facilities. Hosts are notified of visitor check-ins, late arrivals and no shows.


4. Meeting room wayfinding

  • Visitors will never need directions in your office with internal wayfinding features.

  • Condeco Meeting Room Integration to locate Meeting rooms

  • With interactive maps to guide you to the meeting room

  • Start meetings on time, every time

Vgreet Delivers

Find out how Vgreet digital visitor management benefits your strategic objectives. 

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