Visitor Pass Management System


What is a visitor pass/visitor badge?

A visitor pass gives visitor permission to enter a building with information:

  • Visitor Name

  • Visitor Photo

  • Date and Time of Check-in

  • Expiration Date

  • Visitor Type

  • Visitor Details

  • Your Company Logo

  • Other Guest-Specific Info

What is a visitor pass management system?

Within visitor management, visitor pass software prints an visitor ID badge to allow visitors entry into a building. Its main purpose is to create an identity of the visitor to help manage security access. During the check-in process, a visitor pass can be printed for visitors to wear for identification purposes during their visit.


How does visitor badge management work within Vgreet Visitor Management System?

During the check in process, after a visitor has scanned their QR code, a pass is automatically printed from Vgreet or Vdesk Sign in System’s integrated visitor badge system.


The Facilities Manager now knows who has checked-in and can control the visitor entry management system. Visitor entries are processed in 3 seconds and the host is also notified immediately.

Benefits of using automated visitor pass printing

1. Building Security


A visitor badge management system integrated with your visitor management system gives you real-time insight into a building's safety and security.


Not having an identity is one of the problems with common visitor passes; there are many types of visitors (including employees) that can enter a building. Visitor pass management system allows organisations to give different permissions to different levels of visitor entry:


  • Employees entering the building with their employee ID

  • Contractors you might restrict to certain floors

  • Suppliers access to floors like Catering limited to one floor

  • Cleaners to all floors but only out of hours

  • Visitors only have access to their meeting room

  • Recognise who is currently on-site and who is not.

  • Customise digital workflows to suit your visitors

2. Saving Manual Processes

It’s often the case that a visitor has to check in at the reception after arriving at the building, signing in on a visitor book to get the visitor pass or a visitor badge from the reception staff and return it before leaving the building.


With an automated visitor pass management system, visitors ID are checked at the pre-registration stage and receive a printed pass right after checking in at Vgreet’s kiosk.


In addition, there are no visitors waiting in a queue to inform reception, the host is notified, and Facilities Managers have a clear insight into a visitor's arrival and exit.


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