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Vpod has recently installed seven Vgreet digital visitor management systems within the Vodafone UK headquarters in Newbury, which is a large campus consisting of six buildings. We have also installed our Vgreet visitor management systems in Vodafone Group’s headquarters in Paddington, London, where it occupies four floors within a multi-tenanted building, along with their digital hub Speechmark in London’s Southwark.​

  • Deployed in Newbury - 7 Vgreets​

  • Deployed in Paddington - 3 Vgreets​

  • Deployed in Southwark - 1 Vgreet​

Through Vgreet, Vodafone found their entire visitor management process has been streamlined. With routine tasks being taken care of, their reception teams are able to concentrate on providing a more personal concierge-style service to their guests.

Furthermore, during the global pandemic, Vgreet’s contactless features meant Vodafone were able to update their health notices across all venues remotely and instantaneously. Since installing Vgreet, Vodafone whose primary aim was controlling and streamlining visitor management have seen a substantial return on investment - £80k in year 1 and £175k in year 2.

“The Vgreet provided a modern digital solution for a traditional reception service. This solution improved the customer journey, also helping to make it as frictionless as possible from check in to host arrival. ”

— Craig Login, Property Contract Manager

It complements receptionists because it means companies no longer need a front desk. Instead, reception staff can provide a more personal, concierge-type approach because they stand with the customer to assist when required.

“Vgreet offers everything we need for the customer journey. One of the major benefits has been Vpod’s willingness to integrate different systems. We adapt the device to suit customer requirements.”

Vgreet visitor management system is used to provide great visitor experiences in buildings with no receptionist, supplementing physical reception teams.

In order to enhance the visitor management experience, Vgreet reduces check-in times and automates the entire visitor management process to assist visitors within Vodafone and beyond. In turn, helping managers and reception staff cope with high volumes of enquiries, from visitors to couriers etc.

Visitor experience with Vgreet visitor management at Vodafone:

Visitors pre-register themselves prior to arrival. Once the host sends out meeting invites with pre-registration option, visitors can provide their details beforehand to save time in checking in process.​

When visitors arrive at the building, Vgreet's full-screen kiosk, labelled Vanessa by Vodafone, recognises a guest approaches. An image of ‘Vanessa’ on the Vgreet’s touch screen then gestures visitors over and guides them through the self-check-in process.

Thanks to the touchless process, there’s no queuing or typing involved. Guided by Vanessa, visitors simply scan the visitor management QR code which they’ve received by email on their smartphone.

Custom badges are printed by Vgreet with visitor’s picture on it. If the visitors aren’t pre-registered, Vgreet capture visitor’s photos and print it on the visitor badge.

Relevant parties within Vodafone (for example a meeting host) get a host notification that their guest has arrived in reception.

The guest will then either be directed to a meeting location shown on the dashboard or collected from reception by the meeting host.

It’s always reassuring to know that if at any point during the check-in process, a user faces difficulty with the visitor management dashboard. They can select the help option, speaking directly to one visitor management executive face-to-face, via a live and remote video chat.

Vgreet visitor management dashboard features

Vgreet’s advanced technology can include many visitor management features.​ Its visitor management dashboard provides additional information for visitors:

  • Live travel and weather updates

  • Call a taxi

  • Building information

  • Meeting room wayfinding

  • Room booking

  • Temperature checks/ Facial recognition

  • Live, face-to-face remote assistance

For facilities managers, paper visitor logs may have visitor’s basic information. However, it’s impossible to gather building’s insight and manage visitors’ activities. Vgreet’s visitor management dashboard provides details including:

  • Visitor logs

  • Visitor feedback

  • Records of building usage data in real-time

  • Visitor management performance KPI

  • Visitor entry management

So, what are the benefits for Vodafone using Vgreet visitor management dashboard to magae visitors?

  • Vgreet means reception staff aren’t overwhelmed at busy times

  • Live information on the visitor management dashboard provides a virtual information desk at all at times

  • Personal, concierge-style service is available anytime via face-to-face video with a visitor management executive, however busy it gets

  • With visitor data capture, activity monitoring and customer feedback, Vodafone can constantly review and improve their visitor management process

  • Vgreet visitor management kiosks also provide an element of security for visitor signing in, including badge printing, facial recognition and temperature screening.

  • Visitor management gdpr and data protection compliance can be streamlined and easily accessible

  • It has a positive brand impact when experiencing an organised and efficient visit

Vodafone is now looking at rolling out Vgreets in office buildings throughout the UK. With additional features such as integration into third-party access control, and turnstiles solutions via Vodafone’s visitor-management provider and Vpod partner Proxyclick.


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“We are delighted with the progress of this opportunity provided by our partner Mitie. Within two weeks of deployment, Vodafone ordered additional units and is now looking at further locations and features. Vodafone is the perfect example of how Vgreet can provide significant benefits for visitors”


— Sam Farrant, Managing Director, Vpod

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